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parental role in handling exam stressFrom a young age, Children are taught that Examinations are important milestones in their lives. Often, much Hype is created in the minds of the Children where they are made to believe that exams are the deciders of their fate. Off-late, these exams are becoming quite competitive. With so much mental and emotional pressure which they face at home and in schools as well, children tend to crumble. This may even lead to depression.

Parents have the greatest Role to play in helping Children cope up with their Examination Stress, since they have a better one-on-one opportunity with them. Their Support and right guidance can ensure that the children don’t crumble under the pressure. Examinations are a menace only for the unprepared. Be moderately strict with your children—they’ll thank you for it when they come out with flying colors.

What are the different things that Parents need to do during their Child’s Examinations?

1. Know your child’s entire exam schedule.

Keep a copy of the examination timetable in hand. Make sure you are aware of your Child’s next examination.

2. Correct eating habits.

Often at this time children opt to give up on meals just to get some more time to study. This would just harm their chances of studying well and it would also be harming their chances of dealing with the exam stress. Parents have to make sure that the children get a well-rounded and balanced meal at least three times a day, so that they have enough strength and stamina to study.

3. Don’t over hype the importance of any examination.

Make it clear to your kids that your love and regard for them is in no way dependent on how they perform in their examinations. Make sure that your child does study, but not at the cost of giving up on going out, having a leisurely workout or reading time or TV watching time.

4. Make sure your child continues to mix with friends and family.

Don’t isolate your child thinking that he/she should not be disturbed. That is true to a certain extent but it is equally important for them to mix up with their peers and other people around to keep their spirits high.

5. Make a checklist of daily requirements, based on each day’s papers.

A final checklist should be made each morning before you leave home that your son or daughter is fully prepared for the day’s exams. That includes a list of the writing instruments, geometry kits, etc.

6. Help them to focus on the next day’s papers.

Help your child review his/her next paper. Ask him a few questions like “What are the important topics?” “How is your preparation?” “What sort of questions might be asked?” etc.

8. Help them to maintain a balanced daily routine.

Ensure your child maintains a proper balance between his studies and leisure. Help them take proper rest before they start preparing for their next exam. You should encourage them to avoid Late-night study sessions but if they feel they can study best during those late hours, allow them.

9. A good night’s sleep always improves examination performance.

It is advisable that studies should end at least an hour before bed to allow the student to unwind. Falling straight into bed right after closing the books, doesn’t allows a student’s mind, the peace, before falling asleep.

10. Encourage the children positively.

Some amount of encouragement to do good in the exam is positive, but as excess of everything is bad, in the same way forcing the child into studying more or better would result into negative. Negative pressure from parents adds to the examination stress. Parents who want to help children handle exam stress need to learn how to encourage them right. Just gentle, not overt support would be good.

Keep Calm and Trust your Child’s Preparation. We know you need some assurance too!


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