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Last month preparation strategy for NEET (UG) 2020. Follow the Tips to score high NEET UG

With just a month left for NEET (UG) 2020, it’s time to strategize your preparation to boost your final examination score. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is one of the toughest medical entrance examination conducted in India. It requires speed, memory, and accuracy the most. While preparing for the exam, the students need to grade themselves according to topics in an innovative way. For this, you need to opt for the grading method by rating the topics on a scale of 0 to 10.

In physics, if you rate yourself from 0 to 1, assign yourself Grade C. Whereas if you are well worse with the theory part of the topic but find difficulty in solving all the numerical or having 50% possibility to solve the questions then rate yourself 2 to 6 and assign the topic Grade B. While if you are confident about the topic and can solve the questions, rate yourself 6 to 10 in Grade A. These students can score 380 to 420 in the tests. The students who already score 500+ can split the Grade in A1 and A2. After grading, the student needs to aim to jump on another level.

In Chemistry, if you can solve questions, up to 30% rate yourself 0 to 3 in Grade C. Similarly, rate 3 to 7 in Grade B, 7 to 10 in Grade A, 7 to 8 in Grade 2 and 9 to 10 in Grade A1.

In Biology, Grade C will be rated from 0 to 5, Grade B- 6 to 8, and Grade A- 9 to 10. Biology, including zoology and botany, is essential to secure a high rank. Physics will give an edge to the competition. Students should equal weightage to all the subjects.


  • A: 6-10
  • B: 2-6
  • C: 0-1


  • A: 7-10
  • B: 3-7
  • C: 0-3


  • A: 9-10
  • B: 6-8
  • C: 0-5

This year NEET 2020 has become a tricky game. Due to lockdown, students have got three months extra for the preparation, and during this period, many students who were not in the race have now pulled up their socks and with dedication and hard work, made a place for themselves in the race.

Now after rating yourself, the next step is to apply Block Strategy. So for the block strategy, we have divided the topics in different blocks.

Physics Chemistry Zoology Botany
Block 1 Kinomatics, NLM, Friction,
KTG & Thermo, Modern Physics, Optics,
Current Electricity, SHM
Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics,
Atomic structure & Periodic Table,
Chemical Bonding, Cooordination Compound, GOC & Isomerism, S Block, D & F Block
Human Reproduction, Reproductive Health,
Human Physiology,Human Health & Disease,
Biotechnology, Microbes, Micromolecules, Evolution
Genetics, Ecology, Plant Physiology,
Plant Diversity, Cell& Cell Diversion
Block 2 SOP & RBD, Waves, Electrostatics,
Magnetism & EMI, Fluids
Equilibrium, MOLE & REDOX, Solid State,
Halides & Name Reactions, P Block
Animal Husbandry, Animal Diversity,
Structural Organisation in Animals.
Anatomy, Reproduction
Block 3 All Remaining All Remaining


According to the assigned grade, cover the topics from the block in the below order. If you have assigned a topic A grade, then start studying from Block 1 and follow this strategy in chronological order for all the subjects.


The block strategy for NEET (UG) 2020 will help you to boost your preparation in the last 30 days.

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