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Critical impact of lockdown on JEE/NEET 2022 preparation for Class 11th to 12th moving students

In the time of coronavirus, being a student had its own advantages and disadvantages. Initially, the lockdown didn’t make it obvious that the impact would be so extreme and critical. No classes were running in schools and colleges. Slowly online classes became our academic companion, but we started missing our class’s atmosphere after some time in the lockdown period. To fight back the disorder and damage, educational institutes across the country adopted the digital mode of education as a solution to fill the void left by teaching in the classroom. The pandemic has made online education the buzzword of the decade. Students were spending long hours online, leading to concerns over physical health and stress triggered due to the continued use of electronic devices. But even after enduring so much pain, there was not a wave of satisfaction.

The impact of lockdown is tremendous, but if we look at the brighter side of the picture, this is still time to revive our academic planning for National Level Competitive Exams.

We are about to share a considerable insight for students preparing for NEET and JEE 2022. This insight is particularly valuable for Classroom students of class 11th moving to class 12th. You might have surely suffered a disadvantage while in class 11th. You would be having second thoughts about taking your JEE/ NEET preparation forward. Trust us, drooping your preparation in this academic session is not an intelligent idea. Put in a little more effort, you will be able to perfectly revise your 11th syllabus and gain command on the 12th syllabus.

Attention 11th to 12th Moving Students!!
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This year is quite crucial, as many aspirants have decided to take a drop that has proportionally decreased the competition. Students have decided to take a drop because they feel a little less confident. This gives you a great opportunity to take the lead at the National Level.

The level of competition in 2022 will be low. Many students are giving up as they were unable to attend classes. For many, their syllabus was missed due to the lockdown. For some, online classes were not as effective as they anticipated. It’s time for you to strategically plan your winning schedule. Focus on the directions given by your teachers, systematically appear in tests. Believe in yourself, and focus on academics.

Don’t give up on the preparation of today, as it will be very beneficial for the results of tomorrow.


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