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Best Revision Strategy for JEE and NEET Aspirants

Revision plays a crucial part in your performance in competitive exams like JEE and NEET. If you have revised your topics, following the right strategy, you can always be sure of cracking the exam with excellence.

However, to ensure that your revision strategy is at par with these elite exams, you have to follow some crucial tips.

ALLEN Expert, has highlighted a few important aspects related to revision that should be followed by students studying in Class XI, XII and who are gearing up to appear for the exam this year.

Highlighting the strategic revision method for JEE and NEET preparation, mentions the following points:

Revision is an Ongoing Process:

Ashish Arora Sir suggests that revision should be treated as an ongoing process, it shouldn’t be a practice to do revision after syllabus completion. He says most of the students follow this strategy which as per him is not beneficial. He advises students to break the test syllabus in blocks and revise one block at a time. This will give you enough time to understand the concepts and revise them simultaneously. It will even lessen the burden of revision which you usually feel when the entire test syllabus is revised in one go.

Invest Time Daily for Block Revision:

In connection to very first point, Ashish Sir further suggests that you should invest a considerable amount of time daily for the block revision. It would be really good to at least spend 1-3 hours in revising the block syllabus. Avoid shifting the revision to the end, carry on with it as you go on finishing one block of test syllabus.

No Revision Before the Exam:

He further advises to not do any revision before the exam. You should make it a point to complete your exam preparation at least 36 hours before the exam. Revising under overstress affects your performance in the actual exam. Following the block revision practice for the actual competitive exam will keep you free from any undue stress. Ashish Sir suggests that if you follow Point #1 and #2 religiously, your preparation will become very strategic and you will be able to appear for the exam with better focus.

No matter in what class you are studying currently, if your goal is to clear the competitive exams like JEE and NEET, this revision strategy is the right tool to strategize your preparation.

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