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ALLEN Alumni Vatsalya striving to bring change..

  • To start Model School with IIT batchmates
  • Kota’s support and teachings became his inspiration
  • 5 Acre Land in Bihar’s Khagariya district approved
Vatsalya Chouhan

The coaching city Kota is not just giving Engineers and Doctors, but is also offering social activists for the nation. The “Sanskaars” being imparted along with the basic education here are motivating the youth to come forward for social work. Once again such an example can be seen with Vatsalya Chouhan, who successfully took coaching from Kota post which he completed his engineering from IIT Kharagpur and grabbed a package of more than one crore with Microsoft. He is now dedicated to bring change in the society.

Along with his batchmates of IIT Kharagpur, Vatsalya has launched the ‘change‘ organization. The organization is going to start Model School in Khagaria district of Bihar. Vatsalya credits Kota behind his though of doing something for the society. According to him, Kota city helped him when he needed it the most, a support that he is going to remember and be thankful for the entire life to come.  ALLEN’s Director Mr. Rajesh Maheshwari recognized his talent and gave him an opportunity to prove his worth. “Not only did he provide free coaching to me at ALLEN, but also arranged for free accommodation and food during my preparation. ALLEN’s dedication towards fulfilling its social responsibility has inspired me to do something new for the society” says a proud Vatsalya.

All the preparations for the model school that we are going to launch have been done. The model school would be very different, and experimental studies would be its highlight. Just like the when someone comes to the IIT they get a chance to give shape to their ideas, similarly at the school level, we will try to provide the needed resources to the students. In addition, students will get to learn.

Vatsalya said that a social organization working for cooperation from Khagaria has given approval to lease 5 acres land. They have even assured expanding the land to 30 Acres when required. With the completion of formalities, they have now started to design the syllabus for school. For this, B-Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur, Ashutosh Baheti, Dhruv Jain and Sangeet Kedia along with some other colleagues visited many schools in the country and gave their valuable feedbacks. Brijesh Kumar, a young fellow from Khagaria is helping locally.

Vatsalya said the purpose behind it is to fulfill social responsibility. “There is a lot of scope in education sector. Khagaria and surrounding areas have been affected by Naxalites. When these problems were discussed with friends, we unanimously came onto the conclusion that the next generation should be given a good education and qualifications to suit the resources available, which will lead to a better future. Hence we came up with the idea of this school.

vatsalya-chouhanHow Kota became an example

According to Vatsalya, just like the coaching institutes in Kota prepare their own study material, which is better than any other institutions in the country, similarly, after visiting a lot of schools we will prepare the course for our school. The focus is on making the syllabus effective. After having prepared the syllabus, they may even try for Crowd Funding resources along with their friends.

More about Vatsalya

Vatsalya Singh Chouhan, a native of Khagaria came to ALLEN Kota after completing his 10th from a local government school. After selection in 2011, he joined IIT Kharagpur and pursued his BTech in Computer Science. He then worked for some time in Bangalore after which he was offered a package of over Rs one crore at Microsoft Redmond.

We feel blessed, says his elated father

Vatsalya’s father Chandrakant Singh works as a welder. Singh, who runs a small shop says he is very thankful to ALLEN, because of which Vatsalya dreams got fulfilled. ALLEN helped in every way. He feels that Kota has a blessed soil. Today, whenever Vatsalya visits his village, parents from all around the area and other relatives come to them seeking help for their children. “He is trying to do something for society, and we are extending our full cooperation. We want every worthy child to receive his/her due,” says Singh.

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