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2 ALLEN students top IIT “Techkirti” Championship

Two students of ALLEN Pre-Nurture and Career Foundation Division, Arthav Chokse (Class 10th ), and Mansi Vajarkar  topped by securing Rank-1 and Rank-3 respectively in Open School Championship’s “Techkirti-2016” final round -3 organized by IIT Kanpur. Both the students presented new ideas with the help of a working model and power point presentation.

ALLEN Pre-Nurture and Career Foundation Head, Sh. Amit Gupta told that from Institution Class 10th Rishwjit Singh, Samyak Shah, Udhav Jaju, Diksha Paul and Yogesh Chauhan also secured ranks in top 10 of the final round of paper presentation. All the students were presented with certificates from IIT.

In the Annual Technology and Entrepreneur Festival “Techkirti-2016” organized by IIT Kanpur, 3 rounds were conducted for the first time, for classes 9th to 12th students in which 5000 students participated from all over the country. The motive of the examination is to search talented students from the grassroots of schools so that Out of the box thinking along with the skills related to practical knowledge can be developed in them.

Arthav Chokse - Techkriti Topper
Arthav Chokse – ALLEN Student

Presented a Model which can Extract Fuel from Sea Water

ALLEN student Arthav Chokse the topper of Group-A presented a new idea to extract the mixed petroleum fuel from sea water while export and import of the same is been done. With the help of Physics Postal Law and Hydrostatic Paradox, he created a new working model.  In a container, he filled water and then showed a layer of engine oil at IIT. With the help of eco- friendly physics in a fraction of second, complete oil was separated in another container. In the presentation, he explained with the help of this technique, how Million Tons of oil can be extracted from Sea and as a result how the water animals can also be saved.  He won a laptop as a prize from IIT. Arthav a resident of , aspires to become an IAS officer after completing IIT. This is his first step Towards his dream.

Mansi Vajarkar - Techkriti Topper
Mansi Vajarkar – ALLEN Student

Viral Energy from Over Radiation

ALLEN Indore, Mansi Vajarkar of class 10th, who secured 3rd rank, saw a video on WhatsApp in which a girl’s brain is declared dead due to the mobile radiation. She thought of finding a solution for this. After a certain frequency if this over radiation will be converted in electric energy then we can be saved from this problem. In a working model, she showed that if radioactive rays will be converted in electromagnetic rays and taken into a capacitor and then it can again be converted in electricity and can be used to charge the mobile. Her model got rank 3 at IIT and she received a Tablet and Certificate as a prize.

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