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Which is better for the preparation of JEE and NEET: Coaching Material or Books?

With every result announcement, toppers are declared. These toppers/ rank holders are admired and religiously followed by aspirants who are in a row to fight an examination in the upcoming years.

The same is the case with JEE and NEET aspirants. For them, the students who secure top AIR are a source of inspiration. It’s a human tendency to get inspired and influenced by excellence. And when one sees the topper students in newspapers, interviews, or on social media. The first instinct is to find out which study material did they use and from where did they get their coaching, and what was their study strategy.

To solve the study material riddle and help out NEET and JEE aspirants with the answers of- Which is better Coaching Material or Books? And what did the toppers choose to prepare? Ashish Arora Sir, Academic Mentor, ALLEN Career Institute, has shared the most optimal combination of the study material that every topper has used to achieve success.

The learning advancements have opened Pandora’s Box full of myriad academic materials to lean on. They come in all shapes and colors, which is uttermost confusing then comforting. But don’t worry!! This blog will give you all the answers and solve your confusion. So that you can focus on your preparations instead of deviating.

If you want to TOP, then keep your Coaching Material on the top

Coaching Material is specifically developed by a team of experts taking references from more than 20 books. The experts extract all the important details and relevant literature from all the books and then compile them together. The material is developed for comprehensive coverage and better understanding. It also contains descriptive illustrations, examples, practice problems along with Previous Years Questions (PYQ).

A Coaching institute prepares the material with years of hard work and research, which is revised every year as per the latest syllabus and exam pattern. The material is not only exceptional but is also trustworthy cause it is highly elaborative and comprehensive.

Now let’s talk about how to use the Coaching Material for the most productive results.

It is a full-fledged resource. Use it for learning and practicing. If you study meticulously and genuinely rely on them, then you can achieve success and be in the top 1000 ranks. And this is valid for both NEET and JEE.

For achieving a rank in the top 1000/ 3 Digit Rank, the coaching material is sufficient in itself.

When it comes to achieving a great rank, many factors affect it

With the increasing competition and the nature of exams, many factors come into the picture when we talk about achieving a rank in the top 1000 or even in the top 500 or 200. The coaching material will surely give an edge but the student’s speed, accuracy, IQ, presence of mind, decision-making skill, exam temperament will ultimately become the success determining factors.

Let’s talk about books and how they help you achieve an even better rank

After you have attended your coaching classes/ online classes, and studied from your coaching material, completed your daily assignments, and still, you are left with an hour or two in your daily schedule, then you can pick a book for thorough reading. Do not pick up a practice book in the beginning, just focus on reading, as your practice quota is already fulfilled by the coaching material.

Which book or publication to choose? 

Consult your coaching teachers or the teacher you are following online regarding which book to choose. Cause you are studying from them, they will recommend you the books that are in line with their teaching style. So that you do not get confused with different explanations or methods mentioned in other publications.

Reading is very important for an expanded knowledge base. And it will also help develop higher levels of focus and concentration.

Ashish Sir strongly suggests that students must read from NCERT. He recommends that NCERT should be covered regularly along with the coaching material. Study the same topic from NCERT, which is being taught in the class. Also, make proper notes from NCERT.

To understanding the methodology to optimally use any book or material for the preparation of JEE and NEET watch Caps (Competitive and Academic Planning Session) Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rx1S_W5T98

After you have completed your coaching material, NCERT, and theory books, then you can come to the practice books for solving extra questions. If you exhibit great performance then your Coaching Institute itself provides you additional practice material. But all these advances happen latterly, begin with relying on the academic system you are studying from and follow their material religiously.

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