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Weaver’s Son, Manohar Lal to become the first doctor in his village with ALLEN’s Asha Project

–  Difficult to earn bread through weaving, Parents and elder brother work as NREGA laborers

–  Got support through ALLEN Career Institute’s Asha Project, got hopes for a better life

No matter how much you try to hide, talent could not be hidden. A similar case of hidden talent of Manohar Lal, student of Mehrangarh village in Barmer district has been noticed. Manohar Lal of the Allen Career Institute has passed the Medical Entrance exam. By securing 512 marks, Manohar Lal secured an Overall rank: 42356 and SC category rank: 1095. Manohar Lal will not only be his family’s first but the first person in the village to do MBBS. Mehrangarh village in Barmer district has a population of about 50 houses. Father works as a weaver but that is insufficient to raise the family, so Parents and elder brother in the family work as NREGA laborers.

Did not know what NEET is

The story of Manohar Lal’s selection in NEET is also very interesting. When he secured 83% marks in Class 10th, school teachers and elder brother convinced him to opt science stream. Due to not having good school facilities in the village, he had to go to the Government school which was six kilometers away.

His 11th standard was also passed with good marks. During this time, Asha Project of Allen Career Institute organized a talent search exam for the students of government schools. Manohar Lal passed the exam on the advice of the teachers but later asked what would be obtained from this examination; teachers told him that he will be provided with free medical coaching, which was unsettling for Manohar Lal. Manohar Lal was selected through Asha and was invited to study in ALLEN Career Institute, Kota. After coming to Kota, he was explained that he will be preparing for admission to the medical colleges. With free education as well as accommodation and food arrangements, Manohar Lal studied in Kota. With one year of education, Manohar Lal cracked NEET with his 12th standard and scored 81% marks in class 12th.

Not even in our dreams, we thought of this

When Manohar Lal’s father, Narsingha came to know that his son has been selected in the NEET, his happiness knew no bounds. He said, “I used to think my son would become a weaver like me and lead the monotonous life but I am so proud today as my son would become a doctor. Our family’s condition would improve. I would heartedly like to thank ALLEN Career Institute for making our life better. We never thought we could send him to Kota and let him become a doctor. There is no means of employment in the village; life’s being led in inadequacy. Brother Raghuvir Singh also said that the whole family’s fate will change now.

No employment for months

Manohar Lal’s father, Narsingha Ram, who is the youngest of four siblings, is a weaver by profession. He owns some land, but due to lack of water, it remains dry for most of the time. Both the sisters have been married while the elder brother is preparing for the Constable Recruitment exam. Father’s work depends on the orders received from the shops. If some orders are received, there are some earnings, otherwise sometimes for three to four months, the work gets stalled. Mother Durga Devi is a homemaker. In his free time, Manohar Lal helped his father in his work.

Asha is a platform

Asha is an initiative taken by ALLEN Career Institute through which needy and underprivileged talented students are being given fee concessions to encourage and bring forward their talents. Till now only those students could be benefitted who came to ALLEN campuses seeking admissions. Now through Asha, ALLEN is reaching those underprivileged students who are unable to visit ALLEN by themselves. Allen has started the Asha project to bring forth such talented students of government schools. Through this, first Rajasthan and now the government of multiple states have been requested to take admissions. Leaving no talent unrecognized in the absence of facilities. They should get the best as per their qualifications. To help and bring forth the talented yet underprivileged students of government schools, Asha Scheme was launched.

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