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We are living our lives with the new concepts- Dr. Pradhan, Financial Advisor Govt. of Rajasthan

Make My Stress S.M.A.R.T. Session by Dr. B.S PradhanMotivational Seminar: Dr. Pradhan, Financial Advisor Govt. of Rajasthan, gave tips to the students on how to be SMART.

During a Stress Management Seminar on Sunday at ALLEN Career Institute, Dr. B.S. Pradhan, Financial Advisor to Govt. of Rajasthan and Special Assistant to Cabinet Minister for Social Justice Empowerment said that in our mind along with thoughts many feelings also use to appear. I will get pass or not? I will be selected or not? These kinds of negative thoughts should be avoided by being into present and thinking about the future. We should make ourselves unique; and should make it firm howsoever we are we will move in life.

“You Give me Stress and I will make it S.M.A.R.T.” with this tip he told the importance of meditation and said that in morning we should see the rising sun and take the positive energy coming from it in our body. With this, the starting of the day will be refreshing. We should avoid negativity by taking the deep breathes and should allow positivism to enter in our body. One positive person provides positivism to 1000 other people.

He further added, “In this competitive environment along with knowledge, skills are also required. We are daily living our lives with the concepts which are easily understandable. In coaching institutions also you are learning concepts then why there is stress. In cricket a batsman enjoys his batting likewise we should enjoy giving exams during our studies. We should play our natural game, 1 day in a week we should forget everything and just relax. We are living in a relationship of X & Y. Our best friend is the only person who finds our tears even in water. Never stay alone in life always find a partner and try to be positive”. Students Ankit and Pankaj sang motivational songs during the seminar.

ALLEN Director, Sh. Naveen Maheshwari said that with good education and values along with the help of this kind of seminars we are motivating students to go in a right direction. Senior Vice President Sh. C.R. Chaudhary thanked everyone.

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