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Want to know what has changed in the Physical Education Syllabus? Know all the details here

Want to know what has changed in the Physical Education Syllabus?

Physical Education is an important and scoring subject in class 12 CBSE which the students should not take lightly. After much anticipation, CBSE has now issued syllabus for Physical Education subject for 2022-23 with some changes. In some chapters, new topics have been added. Students should focus on the changes in the syllabus for scoring high in Physical education.

New topics:

Unit I Management of Sporting Events

  • Functions of Sports Events Management (Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing & Controlling)

Allen Admission

Unit III Yoga as Preventive measure for Lifestyle Disease

  • Diabetes: Kapalabhati
  • Asthma: Anulom-Vilom

Unit IV Physical Education & Sports for CWSN (Children with Special Needs – Divyang)

  • Organizations promoting Disability Sports (Special Olympics; Paralympics; Deaflympics)

Unit VI Test & Measurement in Sports

  • Fitness Test – SAI Khelo India Fitness Test in school:
  • Age group 5-8 yrs/ class 1-3: BMI, Flamingo Balance Test, Plate Tapping Test
  • Age group 9-18yrs/ class 4-12: BMI, 50mt Speed test, 600mt Run/Walk, Sit & Reach flexibility test, Strength Test (Abdominal Partial Curl Up, Push-Ups for boys, Modified Push-Ups for girls).
  • Computing Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Unit VIII Biomechanics & Sports

  • Equilibrium – Dynamic & Static and Centre of Gravity and its application in sports
  • Projectile in Sports

Unit IX Psychology & Sports

  • Psychological Attributes in Sports – Self Esteem, Mental Imagery, Self-Talk, Goal Setting

Unit X Training in Sports

  • Concept of Talent Identification and Talent Development in Sports
  • Introduction to Sports Training Cycle – Micro, Meso, Macro Cycle.
  • Method to Develop – Coordinative Ability

Important Note

Before buying a book kindly match the current syllabus.
There is a mistake in practical syllabus. Marks distribution is not proper.
Weightage of the chapter is not given by CBSE.