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Virat Kohli’s Birthday: Know Why Virat is an Inspiration for the Youngsters

Happy Birthday Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is Celebrating his 34th Birthday Today. His Achievements and Persona are Highly Inspirational for Youngsters

Virat Kohli is regarded as one of the most successful International cricketers and students can also imbibe several key virtues of Virat Kohli which can help them succeed in life. Here are some of the traits of Virat Kohli that students can look up to.


Virat has become an inspiration by attaining supremacy, success, and class in his game. Undeterred by the situation of the team in the match, Virat always tries to finish off the match with his self-determination, grit, talent, and ability for triumph. Students can also attain success in their studies by drawing inspiration from the characteristics of Virat’s persona.


It is his passion for playing cricket and winning matches for the country which has helped Virat Kohli become an icon for youngsters. Students can also seek desired results by studying with passion. It is very well said that “your passion is your stepping stone to success”.


Virat’s commitment to his game is no more a hidden fact. Virat has amassed runs in his successful career due to his commitment in the match as he does not give up his wicket easily to the bowlers. Students can learn commitment from the King of Cricket, Virat.


The pursuit of perfection is one of the success mantras of Virat Kohli as he plays with perfection and class. Virat Kohli’s strokes are perfect cricket book shots, which inspire students to understand and study basics for ensuring perfection.


Virat Kohli has remained the captain of Team India and has always led from the front for clinching victories for India. Kohli’s leadership presents a perfect example for the students for achieving leadership in studies for success.


Virat has proved time and again that he is a fighter who never gives up. Virat has faced lean patches in his form but every time he has come out stronger. Students can learn to never give up and fight hard from Virat.


Self-discipline and practice are the most important aspects of Virat’s Character. To achieve mastery in his game, Virat has practiced more and more for success. Students can also achieve success by studying for hours with self-discipline.

Virat is a Thorough Professional

Virat Kohli has always maintained the highest standard and professionalism in International Cricket. He played a domestic match on the day of the death of his father in the year 2006. Virat’s professionalism inspires students to follow their goals irrespective of the circumstances.


Virat Kohli is a fitness Icon in the Sports World and sportsmen and his fans look up to his fitness. Virat’s focus on fitness teaches students to lay emphasis on healthy life and fitness.