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Examination Day Tips for the aspirants

Here are some tips for the Exam aspirants which students can utilize for triumph in the examination. 

JEE Main 2022 Session 1 examination is underway, for which aspirants are leaving no stone unturned to capture success. The examination is the time that makes aspirants anxious so they can succeed in the examination by best management of the time, brain, practices, and habits.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Here are some tips for the Exam aspirants which students can utilize to triumph in the examination:

Sleep timely on the day before exam day and wake up early on Exam Day

Sleep is the best medicine to keep yourself fresh on the Examination day. The perfect time to go to bed may be a subjective issue but going to bed early is always advisable. If a student goes to bed on time on the night before exam day, he is supposed to wake up early on exam day with a fresh mind. Half of the battle is won if the students start their day on a positive note.

Do brief breathing exercises for better concentration on Exam day

Breathing exercises help increase concentration, and their role increases on examination Day. Take a deep breath and focus on breathing to keep the brain active and fresh before the examination. A brief yoga session or Pranayam can be helpful for memory.

Take a nutritious breakfast to keep the energy alive 

Health experts always emphasize breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dining like a pauper, so students are also advised to take a proper nutritious breakfast before going to the examination. It’s not a nice habit to skip breakfast; it becomes more significant when one has to appear for an examination.

Line up your Stationary before the Exam

To avoid hustle and bustle just before the examination, students should line up the important stationery items required. Along with the examination admit card, students should keep all the essential stationery items in the exam in their geometry box-like pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc.

Revision of the short notes

Turning the pages of the chapter you haven’t prepared yet is not the best of practice on exam day. It is always better to revise what you have already read instead of starting to read new things when the time is less on the exam day. Just go through the short notes you have prepared during your studies for the examination. Brief notes will not consume much of a time, and will also remain fresh in your memory.

Stay away from Social media distractions 

Time is precious, and its importance increases for the students during an examination, so do not waste your time on distractions. Social media is the biggest distraction for the students preparing for competitive examinations, so try to stay away from your smartphone during examination time.

Try to leave early and reach the exam centre timely 

Due to the covid restrictions and other security reasons, aspirants are often called much earlier to the examination centres to complete safety and security protocols so always try to reach the examination center punctually.

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