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Tips and tricks to excel in competitive exam by JEE Main 2017 Toppers

JEE Main Raval Vedant Sanjay_AIR_4_Classroom
Raval Vedant Sanjay : Score: 345 Rank: 04

Name: Raval Vedant Sanjay

Score: 345

Rank: 04

” I Speak with my Parents to Relax

There is no set time for my studies, but i do it whenever I feel like, as I enjoy studying. These are the words of Raval Vedant Sanjay, a classroom student at ALLEN Career Institute who secured All India Rank 4 with a score of 345 marks in the recently announced JEE Main results. According to Rawal, apart from coaching in ALLEN, he studies for 6 to 7 hours daily.

“I prefer to give priority to the homework given in coaching, after which I revise the syllabus taught there. I have a keen interest in Mathematics and enjoy studying which is why I made an aim to become an engineer. Now, after scoring well in JEE-Advanced, I want to do CS from IIT Mumbai. Whenever I feel a little tired after studying at home, I talk to my Parents. Both of them motivate me; my mother specially takes great care of me. She knows that I am tired and hence she keeps talking to me till the time I feel relaxed. She even taught me Mathematics till 10th class. My father Mr Sanjay Raval is a Physician and mother Kanan Raval is a Yoga Teacher.

” The desire to pursue research

After completing my CS from IIT Mumbai, I want to pursue research. I enjoy studying every topic deeply. So far, I have achieved 250th rank in KVPY. Along with studies, I like to play cricket, I also watch TV for some time.”

JEE Main - Anany Sharma_AIR_10
Anany Sharma :  Score: 340 |  Rank: 10

Name: Anany Sharma

Score: 340

Rank: 10

” Self-study is essential for success

Unless we complete our daily studies, we cannot assume that we are good to move ahead. This is what Anany Sharma said, a classroom student of ALLEN, who scored 340 marks in JEE Main and got 10th rank at the All India level. While talking to us Anany said, “I study for 8 to 9 hours a day after my classes at ALLEN. I give priority to homework. After this I read the subjects of my choice. I do self-study in two-two-hour slots. I watch TV and talk to others for recreation. My Father Dr. Amit Sharma is an orthopedic surgeon and mother Archana Sharma is a housewife. Parents support equally in studies and continue to motivate me from time to time. Along with studies, I like playing soccer and cricket. Whenever I get a little time I try to play.

” I aspire to open my own company

I am now fully focused on preparing for JEE Advanced.  Post that, I want to do B.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai. After B.Tech., I want to open my own company. I have always been interested in Mathematics and hence chose to pursue engineering. My interest in Math has been such that while in class 9th and 10th I used to attempt the questions of 11th and 12th class level.

” Social media usage is restricted to seeking information

According to Anany he uses a smart phone but only for keeping himself updated. “I use my social media accounts once in two days to get useful information and spend only about five to ten minutes there. I have qualified both the NTSE and KVPY and have already qualified for the first phase of Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Mathematics Olympiad.”

abhay goyal JEE Main 2017 AIR 12
Score: 335 | Rank: 12

Name: Abhay Goyal

Score: 335

Rank: 12

” Homework and revision is the key to Success

I have not focused much upon doing my studies in a very planned manner, but as much as I was taught by teachers in ALLEN daily, I made it a habit of revising it and completing my homework. I strongly believe that if a student ensures doing this much, then success is certain. This has been said by Abhay Goyal ALLEN’s classroom student, who got 12th rank at the All India level after scoring 335 marks in the JEE MAIN exam. Abhay, a resident of Bharuch in Gujarat, told that “I have been studying in Kota for two years. One can understand how to prepare for competitive examinations in a better way only after coming to Kota. Here, a student gets everything that is necessary for him/her to crack the national competition. With the best students from around the nation, best teachers and other facilities, the students get an appropriate environment. The level of studies here is very good and one cannot find it in any school.

” Desire to pursue administrative services

According to Abhay, “My only target is JEE-Advanced right now, and I want to get a good rank. After this I want to study computer science from IIT Mumbai. Mathematics is my favorite subject and hence I decided to pursue engineering. After completing my B. Tech, I want to make a career in administrative services, and aspire to become an IAS, because there is a lot to be done for the society by staying in this position. Several steps can also be taken to improve the system.

” I have forgotten to watch TV

Abhay told that he was very fond of watching TV till Class 9. He used to watch it for hours at a stretch at home. Since he came to Kota, he has invested himself so much in studies that now months pass without watching television. He feels good while playing cricket. He has a smart phone but without the internet. He doesn’t have any account on Facebook. Father Pushpendra Goyal is a manager with a private company in Bharuch, Mother Ekta Goyal is a housewife. His parents visit Kota every 2 to 3 months and discuss with him about his studies. “I get every possible support in my studies from them.” Talking about his daily routine Abhay said “I devote 6 to 7 hours a day for self-study where I give priority to homework and revision. Apart from this, whenever I get time, I revise the topic being taught in the class.”

piyush tiberwal
Score: 335 | Rank: 14

Name: Piyush Tibrewal

Score: 335

Rank: 14

” Looks good

ALLEN’s classroom student Piyush, who has scored 335 marks in the JEE-Main Exam and 14th rank at the All India level, enjoys studying Maths. This is the reason why he chose to pursue engineering. Two years ago, when he came to Kota, his interest in studies increased. Here the national level competition, along with the best study material, best students from around the country have created an environment for studies which cant be found anywhere else. Basically, Piyush, a resident of Ahmedabad, told that Kota is a city that is completely made for education. Here the students get everything. His father Dilip Kumar serves in the private sector and his mother Sudha Tibrewal is a housewife.


” Use of ordinary phone

Piyush said that “I have a simple phone and do not use smart phones. I want to be completely focused on studies. Now I am focused on my preparation for JEE-Advanced. I am interested in studying Computer Science from IIT Mumbai. Earlier, I have already qualified for the NTSE, KVPY. I have passed the first phase in Physics and Chemistry Olympiads also.

” Emphasis on regular studies

According to Piyush “success can be achieved only through regular studies. After completing my yearly coaching classes, I made sure to complete my homework regularly and used to revise the topic being taught in the class. I study in 2 hour slots and play table tennis for recreation.

abhinav kumar
Score: 335 | Rank: 20

Name: Abhinav Kumar

Score: 335

Rank: 20

” Mother has stopped watching TV for me

My father works in railways and hence he gets transferred continuously. Hence our places kept changing but the support of my parents was so strong that I could stay strong. For me my mother does not even watch TV. Its been For 4 years since I have watched television properly. Apart from this, I use simple phones, I have a smart phone but only use it to see the result. I am not active on social media too. These are the words of ALLEN’s class room student Abhinav Kumar who achieved 20th rank at All India level by scoring 335 in JEE Main. Originally residents of Varanasi, the initial education of Abhinav took place in Madhya Pradesh, and he started studying in Kota from his class 7th. Father D. C. Yadav is a Section Engineer in Railways and is posted in Dara. Mother Renu Yadav is a housewife.

Abhinav said that “I like studying physics and maths and that’s why I decided to do engineering. At the moment, I want to become a topper of JEE Advanced. I am constantly making efforts for this. My father lives in the station and the mother lives in the hostel with me. My mother has adjusted her routine exactly to mine. She sleeps after I sleep. When I go to the station once in seven-eight days, I get to watch television for sometime. My father guides me in studies.

” Believe in regular studies

Abhinav said that he believes in regular studies. “I never leave today’s work on tomorrow. I get up early in the morning and after coaching, I study in two-two-hour slots. First of all, I give time to the Revision. After this I read other topics. I play games in mobile for recreation.

” Aman Bansal was an inspiration

I had given the examination of NTSE and I did not get selected, after which I was a little disappointed, but when I came to know about Aman Bansal who topped last year but even he could not become an NTSE Scholar. Even that coudnt stop him from securing AIR 1 last year. I took inspiration from it and continued to work hard. I qualified the NTSE first level in the 10th. I qualified the KVPY level 1 and Astronomy Olympiad level 1 in my 11th and 12th class respectively. This year I qualified for OCSC camp of the International Chemistry Olympiad.

” Everything is there in Kota

Since I came to Kota for my studies, I realized that there is no better place for education than here. Here the national level competition is experienced which allows students to analyze themselves well. Nation’s best teachers are here, and also the best environment for studies.

tushar gautam JEE Main Topper
Score: 330 | Rank: 38

Name: Tushar Gautam

Score: 330

Rank: 38

” Interest in Physics, wish to do research

ALLEN’s classroom student, Tushar Gautam, who got 330 points in the JEE-Main examination, and secured 38th rank at All India level, likes to study physics. This is the reason why he wants to do engineering and pursue research in future. Tushar, a student of the classroom program at ALLEN Career Institute, said that “I am working hard to get the top rank. After JEE-Main, I am now focusing on JEE-Advanced. I want to study CS from IIT Mumbai. I do self-study for 6 to 8 hours daily. I study at home in slots of two-two hours. I give priority to the syllabus taught in the coaching regularly. After this I give time to study all subjects. Father Mahendra Gautam is an engineer serving in a private firm and the family originally resides in Kota. Mother Usha Gautam is a teacher in the Government School.

” My Parents never scold me

Tushar said that my family is very supportive in my studies. The TV was put in another room to avoid being a problem during my studies. Mother never watches TV. Not only this, my family has never pressurized me for my studies. Never have I ever been compared to anyone by them. Big sister Palak Gautam is studying in Ayurvedic College of Jaipur. She Inspires me from time to time

” Other achievements

Tushar has also proved superiority in many Olympiads and other examinations. I was selected in the third phase of the International Mathematics Olympiad in 2015. In my 11th class, I got 87th position in KVPY. I was also selected for Orientation cum Selection Camp of Astronomy Olympiad in 2016.  I even got selected for the OCSC of INPhO 2016.

” Read science magazine

I like to indulge in Science magazines for recreation. In addition to playing chess, I also like watching cricket. From time to time, I keep talking to ALLEN Teachers and the academic staff, who keep me motivated.

” Kota is a gift for me

I am a resident of Kota and lucky enough to be here. Kota is like a gift for me. Staying here not only provided support for coaching, but I saw an environment that increased my desire to study. My efforts to get a good rank saw a boost. Kota is the best option for JEE Main and Advanced Coaching.

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