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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2022 : Know its history, significance and facts

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day-11 Jan

The World will again take a pledge to end Human Trafficking on the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day today to bring attention to the infamous crime of Human trafficking which is also called as modern Day slavery.

January month is celebrated as the National Slavery and Human Trafficking prevention month (NSHTPM) since the Then US President Barack Obama through Presidential Proclamation declared January month in the year 2010 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

The anniversary of the declaration of January month as the NSHTPM is celebrated every year since 11 January 2011, as the National Human trafficking Awareness Day.

Every year nearly 2.25 lakh persons across the world become victims of a crime which is known as Human Trafficking.

Thus, the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day aims to create public awareness on the important subject of Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking leaves an adverse impact on human life, families, and communities across the world. This illegal act involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain labor or sex.

Traffickers use violence, manipulation, or false promises to lure their victims into trafficking situations. Trafficking victims usually experience physical and/or psychological abuse. They might also endure sexual abuse, food and sleep deprivation, threats to family members, and isolation from the outside world. Family members of the victim may also get threatened.

Wearing the color blue to spread awareness was the theme of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2021.

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