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Learn to Prepare for NEET UG and Class 12 Simultaneously

NEET Will Be Held On May 5 Whereas the Board Exams are Likely to be Conducted Between February & April

Learn to Prepare for NEET UG and Class 12 Simultaneously

Preparing for the NEET UG examination along with the class 12 is certainly challenging. However, aspirants can achieve high scores in both class 12 and National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Undergraduate (NEET UG) by adopting a systematic strategy with time management.


A student who is preparing for both these exams needs to balance it out well to ensure high scores in both NEET and Board exams. Here we will share practical tips and techniques to help aspirants navigate this demanding journey successfully.

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Overlapping Syllabus

The syllabus of NEET UG examination and class 12 board examination has many overlapping. Aspirant must thoroughly understand the subjects that were taught in Class 11 in order to receive high results on the Class 12 boards.

So, the syllabus for the core subjects—physics, chemistry, and biology—for both the Class 12 exams and the NEET exam is the same, with the exception of a few topics.

NCERT Crucial for Both NEET & Class 12

The first books a candidate must select for NEET preparation are NCERT titles. The foundation of NEET preparation is these books, and experts have often emphasized how important they are. You can prepare for the Class 12 board with the aid of the same books. Study materials that complement one another will save time and effort.

Prepare a Timetable

Setting up and adhering to a schedule is essential to a disciplined approach. Developing a routine will assist in giving your life a beat. Schedule additional time for NEET preparation, then the core courses for the board exams, and then the other subjects.

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Give yourself enough time to revise, take practice exams, and finish question papers. In order to maintain mental and physical relaxation, don’t forget to schedule time for hobbies and physical activity.

Time Management

Setting aside time for independent study is a significant obstacle for candidates getting ready for these tests. Prioritizing subjects becomes challenging, Especially with limited time left for self-study before the exam.

To mitigate this scenario, maintain a flexible schedule. Make two schedules: one for NEET preparation and the other for Class 12 boards. Depending on when the next big event occurs, you can alternate between the two.

For instance, you can move to the schedule that concentrates on Class 12 boards one week prior to your pre-board exams. Once the exam is over, return to the NEET preparation plan.

Making Notes and Revision

The secret to doing well on any exam is revision. One of the most crucial aspects of preparing is taking brief notes in a notepad or stick-on and underlining key points.

Look for key ideas in every paragraph that could be turned into a multiple-choice question (MCQ). Draw attention to these lines using a different color from the other significant spots indicated by the Class 12 board perspective.

Sample Papers

The Class 12 board exam and the NEET exam have distinct exam patterns. Therefore, it is crucial to attempt the practice papers for both exams. Every week, at least one sample paper of each kind should be attempted. Students should review the NEET question papers from prior years and take plenty of practice exams to become more acquainted with the format and structure of the exam.


Simultaneously preparing for the Class 12 board exam and NEET UG requires careful preparation and methodical execution. You can achieve a balance between the two and improve your chances of doing well on both exams by adhering to the suggested tactics. Never forget that the keys to success in this demanding yet rewarding road are perseverance and determination. Best Wishes!

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