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NEET UG 2022 Provisional Answer Key: Two Question Challenged for Bonus Points

Students lodged objections after discussing with the Allen faculties

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has released a provisional answer key for the country’s biggest medical entrance exam NEET UG 2022.  Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari, Director of Allen Career Institute told that the NEET UG examination was held on 17th July.  The students, after discussing with ALLEN’s faculties, have filed objections regarding the questions in the provisional answer key.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

One question each in Biology & Physics Challenged for bonus marks

One question each in Biology and Physics has been challenged for bonus marks. Whereas an objection has been lodged regarding the answer to another question in Biology. Students will be able to analyze the answer key and send the challenge to NTA by 11:50 pm on 2nd September. Students who want to challenge the questions can visit the Allen website to see the process. After the final answer key, the result of NEET UG will be released on September 7.

Challenged Question for Biology

In the NEET paper, answers to two questions have been given wrong in the answer key of NTA. One question was from Chapter 6 Plant Anatomy of class 11th Biology. According to the NCERT, all the answer options were correct. In such a situation, students should have got bonus marks on the question, but only one option has been considered correct in the answer key. The second question was from Chapter 16 Environment Issues of class 12th Biology. According to NCERT, both the statements given therein were wrong. Whereas statement 2 in the answer key is considered correct.

Challenged Question for Physics

The structure of the question of the photoelectric effect in physics was theoretically wrong. However, the answer was coming correct after solving the question by applying the formula. In the answer key also, the same answer is given which was coming correct after solving the question but, theoretically, students should get bonus marks for the wrong question.

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