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More than 5000 Kota coaching girl students get Self development and Self defense training at ALLEN Kota

ALLEN Career Institute conducted a workshop on Project women safety for Female Faculties and students. The program commenced on 14th May with the lightening of lamp by Director Shri Naveen Maheshwari at Sadgun Sabhagar, Samyak building, ALLEN Career Institute. The workshop is being conducted from 14th to 18th May 2018 at Sadgun Sabhagar by ALLEN Career Institute to enlighten the power that a woman beholds.Choti Guru Ma, Rekha Ji, Self development, Self defense, ALLEN

In the 2 hours session, every day more than a 1000 female candidates are being trained by Respective Choti Guru Maa, a motivational Youth speaker along with Rekha Ji, an image consultant, and a personal counselor. A session on Self Development and Self-Defence is organized keeping in mind the necessity of self-empowerment in a woman’s life.


Women are leading independently in every aspect of life, be it education, career, home. They are only depending on others when it comes to safety. For making women truly independent ALLEN decided to organize self-defense workshop for its female members.

Choti Guru Maa, Self defense, ALLEN

Guru Maa Along with her companion, Rekha Ji conducted workshops at ALLEN Career Institute to empower girls by teaching them self-defense techniques. This was not the first time that Guru Maa came to the institute, she has conducted many workshops at ALLEN through which numerous employees have been benefited.

Self-defense is a mind-game, says Guru Maa. When it comes to protecting yourself, one should understand the situation before taking the necessary steps.

She also told the audience to not get into any such situations intentionally. They emphasized on the technique of “Protect, Hit and Run” when facing such circumstances. Some of the tips provided by them are:

  1. If somebody looks at you with evil eyes, look back at them instead of looking away. This will decrease their confidence. Stand against it and speak up.
  2. If somebody tries touching you, you should immediately protest against it.
  3. You should recognize your inner strength and fight back confidently.
  4. Not everything needs your attention. Understand the situation properly and learn to avoid certain things.
  5. Always “shout” loudly to seek help and gather people.
  6. Never lose strength. Act brave and confident.

Choti Guru Ma, Rekha Ji, Self development, Self defense, ALLEN

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