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“Masti ki Pathshaala”: Fun Day celebrated by 1.25 Lakh Students of the Education City KOTA

_DSC4422As guided by Kota Collector Dr. Ravi Kumar Surpur, 1.25 lakhs students of the entire city’s Coaching Institutes celebrated a happy “today Fun Day” on Saturday along with their teachers and the Art of Living Foundation. This is a unique record in its own where students in large numbers together celebrated a day filled with happiness and excitement in country’s any single city.

ALLEN’s 77 thousand students along with 2000 Faculty members participated in activities like meditation, singing, dancing, painting, dum sharaz, mimicry, pop up and fun games. They enjoyed in full swing with Santa Clause, Micky Mouse and other cartoon characters roaming amongst them. On this special fun day, more than 50 thousand drawing sheets and color boxes were distributed amongst students along with chocolates and other sweets. The institute surprised the local citizens by putting up Hoardings displaying a message to spread happiness at 25 different places across the city, all in a single night.

Every student was seen participating in every activity conducted by the institute and was seen showcasing his/her talent with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Supported by Art of Living Foundation

To release the stress of students and to spread the message of happiness and hope, 50 experienced members of the Art of Living foundation reached every class. While practicing meditation with the students, they also participated in some other fun activities with them. According to Mr. JL Garg, Director- Science Center, the collector of Kota has taken a praise-worthy initiation of getting every citizen to participate in this new wave of positive energy to spread in the city. The students were taught how they should compete with only themselves and love the subjects they are practicing for.

Students Speak: “Where is the Study Pressure?”

  • Happiness banners were placed at every ALLEN premise across the city, where the students gave their own messages of happiness.
  • A student Sandeep Singh wrote how his parents’ happy faces fill him with new energy and refused any possibility of being under pressure.
  • Another student Ratan Kumar from Samastipur wrote, “Don’t lose hope even if you lag behind in one exam because only those live who try their best to live.”
  • Rahul from Mandi Dablani wrote” keep calm and stay ahead. Don’t let your studies overshadow your zeal for life.”
  • In the words of Architesh from Patna, “it isn’t important what you have done so far in life. What is important is what you want to do ahead.”
  • Himanshu from Allahabad wrote, “Today’s session was a great motivational one. We got to learn how to proceed with the studies now.”
  • Vishesh Jain, Gagan, BS Rathore from Kota, Patna and Ajmer respectively said, “we had a great time with our teachers alongside our studies. Now we are pressure free”
  • According to Rohit Roshan from Patna “meditation activities have released us from any sort of pressure. Now I will focus better on my studies”.

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