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Last One-Week Strategy to Score High in CBSE Class 10 & 12

CBSE Class 10 & 12 Board Exam Will Be Held Between 15 Feb & 2 April

Last One week Strategy to Score High in CBSE Class 10 and 12

Scoring high in CBSE 10 and 12 examinations requires a strategic approach and effective time operation, especially in the last week leading up to the examinations. Here is a suggested strategy for the last week


General Tips

  • Stay Calm, Avoid scarifying and stay focused. A calm mind will help you concentrate more.
  • Organize Your Study Space, ensure your study area is tidy and free from distractions.
  • Maintain a Healthy Routine, Get enough sleep, eat well, and stay doused.
  • Plan Breaks, take short breaks during study sessions to refresh your mind.

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Subject-Wise Strategy

For CBSE Class 10

  • Focus on Important topics, review the syllabus and prioritize topics grounded on weightage and your understanding.
  • Exercise former Year Papers, break once times’ question papers to understand the test pattern and get acquainted with the types of questions asked.
  • Quick modification, Revise, crucial formulas, generalities, and delineations for subjects like Mathematics, Science, and Social Science.
  • Language Subjects-Exercise writing essays, letters, and perceptions. Also, revise alphabet rules and literature excerpts.
  • Stay streamlined with Current Affairs especially important for subjects like Social Science and English.

For CBSE Class 12

  • Review Important Chapters, Prioritize chapters with advanced weightage. Focus on topics where you are less confident.
  • Practice Numericals and derivatives for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, practice working numerical problems and derivatives.
  • Mind Charts and plates produce visual aids like mind charts, plates, and flowcharts for subjects like Biology and Economics to prop in quick modification.
  • Practice writing for subjects like English, Business Studies, and Accountancy, practice jotting answers to anticipated questions.
  • Last- nanosecond mistrustfulness Resolution-If you have any dubieties or generalities you are doubtful about, clarify them from preceptors or classmates.

Test Day Tips

  • Reach test Centre early, Avoid the stress of being late by reaching the test centre well before the reporting time.
  • Read Instructions precisely before starting the test, precisely read all the instructions mentioned on the question paper.
  • Manage Time effectively, Allocate time for each section/ question and stick to it. Do not spend too important time on any one question.
  • Stay Positive, Maintain a positive status throughout the test. Do not get stuck on delicate questions; move on and come back to them latterly if time permits.
  • Review Answers-If time allows, review your answers to correct any miscalculations or add fresh information.

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Flashback, while it’s essential to concentrate on studying, it’s also pivotal to take care of your internal and physical well- being during this time. Good luck with your examinations!

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