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Last month revision strategy for NEET 2020. Follow these Tips to crack NEET UG

With just a month left for NEET 2020 exam, it is very important to strategize your studies for attaining success in the exam. To get admission to the best medical colleges based on the NEET exam the students need to revise strategically. We must not forget that the NEET exam is mainly based on speed and accuracy and to develop high speed and accuracy one has to prepare systematically to score high in examination. The first target of students should be to score 500+ in minimum possible time during examination hall then the next target is to optimize the score to the level of 580 to 620 which depends upon the willpower and determination while preparing for the exam.

For some students, it is very difficult to score 500+. While analyzing the past papers you will find the NEET exam is based on NCERT, even Toppers and seniors will guide you to refer NCERT to score high in the exam. But it is not possible to score 500+ by only referring NCERT.

Heading Recall Method

The first strategy to be kept in mind is following the heading recall method for Biology NCERT, Class 11th & 12th. Following this method will help you to score 300 to 320 in biology. It should be noted that without strengthening biology, you cannot score 500+ in the exam. Students usually don’t strategies biology instead they focus on physics and in the end they do not even score well in physics as studying NCERT Physics is not enough to score high. But in biology, it is practically possible through the heading recall method. With this method, you can easily achieve 330 in biology.

  • This method will help you in enhancing your memory and the entire syllabus will be like a reel when you would write your paper.
  • So open any chapter of your NCERT book e.g. you opened chapter no. 5
  • Now take a blank page and write the first heading of the chapter (chapter 5, heading 5.1). Properly read the content under every heading. Follow this procedure for the entire chapter.
  • After finishing the first read of the chapter, thoroughly read the entire chapter with all the extra notes that you have and one thing that you must keep in mind is that you have to recall everything that is under a topic.
  • Then again repeat the Heading-Recall method.
  • Remember you do not have to learn the chapters, but rather understand what’s under the heading.
  • If you apply this method 4-5 times for a chapter, you will be able to recall everything when you would be writing your paper.

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Short Note Preparing Method

Also, the students who are preparing for NEET 2021 can study through a short note preparing method; this will help you to cover the full syllabus in the minimum number of pages and would prove beneficial for last moment recollection and long-lasting retention.

The next strategy is very important for the students as those students who have scored 300-320 their next target in physics and chemistry. Their aim is to score 120-130 in physics and chemistry. The students need to build their strengths in the below-mentioned topics rather than strengthening the complete syllabus. The last years’ questions of about 130 marks are directly linked with these topics. So if you are confident about these topics, you can easily score 130 in physics and chemistry. In the next 2-3 weeks, students should strongly strengthen these topics.

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  • Kana matrix + Newton Law of Motion + Friction
  • Ray optics + Wave Optics
  • Kinetic theory of gases and thermodynamic
  • Electromagnetism
  • System of particles and centre of mass


  • Electro Chemistry
  • Atomic structure + Periodic Table
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Equilibrium

By following both of these strategies, you will hit NEET 2020 at an extraordinary level.

All the Best!

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