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“Kota is one such place where there is a passion for education”says 350 marks, AIR-3 scorer of JEE MAIN-2018, Parth Laturia

Parth Laturia

Score: 350 Marks (AIR-3)

Father: Dr Satish Laturia

Mother: Dr Seema Laturia

Students in Kota are passionate about their studies and teachers teach with passion. This place is different from other cities. I got mentally stronger here. These are the words 350 marks, AIR-3, scorer of JEE MAIN-2018, Parth Laturia. Parth told that he studied in Nanded in Maharashtra till Tenth.

Here, I usually talk to my friends about studies, and many types of questions are solved in simple discussions. I believe a regular study is a key to success. I used to regularly revise every subject after the daily class. Apart from the regular coaching, I used to devote 5-6 hours for studies. Every day I had some subject wise targets that I used to complete. My friend Akash’s mother lived with us, which helped us. My mother also used to visit me from time to time. Now the preparation for JEE-advanced lies ahead.

Has an Interest in Maths

Despite both parents being doctors, Parth got his hands in engineering. On this, he told that I have an inclination towards Maths and likes solving questions. Because of this interest in Maths, my parents asked me to prepare for Engineering Entrance Examination. Physics seems a little tough, but I enjoy studying it.

Taught values with education

Mother Seema and father Satish told that the study environment in Kota is somewhat different. Here, the students are given basic human values along with their education. They learn to deal with challenging situations. Here, they are inspired to be good human being. Apart from this, students come from all over the country and there is a healthy competition and the talent of the student is recognized. Parth said that since childhood, he is always serious about every kind of his work. Whatever is to be done, he tries to complete it with full concentration and perseverance. Regularly studying, never to miss a class, is in the habit of Parth.

Re-Creation from TV and TT

Apart from studies, I am interested in sports. After regularly studying for a few hours, I like to watch TV for a while, which usually include watching news and movies. I am also fond of playing TT. Earlier, I used to play cricket also. Besides this, I also do yoga.

What lies ahead

Parth said that I have not thought about future yet. I want to go in the research field. Apart from this, applied Maths is also an option. However, currently, my full focus is on JEE-Advanced. I want to do further studies in subjects related to mathematics or computers.

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