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Kota City District Collector message to Students and Parents of Kota Coaching

Kota City District Collector Sh Om Kasera gave an important message to the students and parents who are facing difficult times due to Corona Virus lockdown today on ALLEN Career Institute Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

While addressing the students he said, “You all are very close to my heart and I appreciate the discipline you have been following to fight against Corona Virus. You all have come here with a dream to become doctors and engineers and today in such adverse conditions, doctors and engineers are the ones who are working hard and serving the nation. I salute to their strength and will power.
He also added, “I want to ensure that all the students are completely safe here. Keep studying the way you were studying earlier. As soon as the lockdown is over, the examinations will commence so utilize this time productively by studying. Just assume that this time is given to you for self-study. We are here to support you in every possible way and will do our best to solve your problems”.

Listen Kota City District Collector’s message to Students

Along with this he also gave a message to parents and said, “we understand that the present time is challenging for you and us. During this tough time, you need to stay in constant contact with the child and keep motivating them to stay focused. Talk to them two to three times a day. I assure you that the conditions in Kota are much better. Every student is safe here. Advise your children not to travel and step out of the home. Ask them to stay where they are. In case of any problem, you can contact the helpline of the coaching institute, hostel operator or the district administration”.

District Administration Instructions for Hotel Operators

The district administration has instructed the hostel operators that the students should not face any problem in the hostel. They should be provided with all the facilities. Hostel operators and owners will take the utmost care of students like their own children. They should be prepared to face adverse conditions and be ready with food and medical help.
Apart from this the coaching institutes have been asked to issue helpline and asked to take care of the students in every possible way. The Counselors and faculties are asked to stay connected with the children through phone, WhatsApp or any other means.

In the end, Sh Om Kasera said, in the event of war, the whole country supports the army. This too is a war against Corona Virus. So every student, parent, common man should fulfill their responsibility and follow the instructions given by the government. We have to fight together and win this war.

Emergency Helpline Numbers

In case of any kind of emergency, contact the following helpline numbers of district administration

☎ 8306100795
☎ 8306100796
☎ 8306100797
☎ 8306100798
☎ 9358486005
☎ 9358486006
☎ 9358486007
☎ 9358486008

ASWS Emergency Helpline Numbers

Helpline numbers have been issued in Kota by Allen Student Welfare Society for emergency situations. These Special Round the clock helpline numbers have been issued for the students to call if they need any help so that they don’t have to step out.

➡ “Sankalp” Indra Vihar, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Mahaveer Nagar Area
Shashpuri: -9116630910

 “Satyarth” Jawahar Nagar, Basant Vihar, Dadabari, Talwandi
Dinesh Gujar: -9460570600

➡ “Samyak” Kunhadi area
Idris Khan: -7014724730

 “Supath” Baran Road
Om Prakash Nama: -7726079972

➡ Reliable Institute (Bansal Tower)
K K Sharma: -8107632036

➡ Coordinator
Mukesh Saraswat – 9414252237
Raghuveer Singh-9829530718

Stay at Home! Stay Safe!

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