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Know what students can learn from Cricketer Rishi Dhawan

What students can learn from Cricketer Rishi Dhawan?

Rishi Dhawan turned heads when he arrived for bowling from the Punjab King team against Chennai Super Kings with a face shield on his face. It was not due to Covid-19 that Rishi Dhawan wore the face shield while bowling in the encounter against CSK in the Tata IPL 2022 on 25 April. He used a face shield to protect his face, which sustained the injury during a Ranji match.

Rishi Dhawan has fetched accolades on social media for bowling with a face shield. A sports injury can dent the motivation and confidence of any sport and deter him from playing, but Rishi defied all odds to return to the playing field. Aspirants of the competitive examinations and entrance examinations can also draw inspiration from Rishi’s act.

5 Things to Learn from Rishi Dhawan


Everyone can gauge the sportsman spirit and passion behind Rishi Dhawan’s performance with a face shield in the IPL tourney. Rishi appeared highly excited and passionate in the match in which he gave a phenomenal performance and picked crucial wickets while bowling against CSK. Students can learn the trait of passion from Rishi Dhawan for chasing their dreams.


After six years, Rishi Dhawan made a comeback to the IPL tournament. Despite not playing IPL during this long duration, Rishi continued with his impressive run in the domestic first-class cricket, where he led his home team, Himachal Pradesh, to victory in the Vijay Hazare Trophy last year. He continued with his zeal to perform and get picked for IPL 2022 tournament this year.

Aspirants should also strive for success despite failures, as failures are the first step towards success.

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The confidence of any sportsman can shake coming out of a sports injury, but Rishi proved it wrong. He continued to play with positive intent, leading to his overwhelming performance in the domestic circuit and now in the ongoing IPL tournament.

A positive attitude can fetch positive results, so students should adopt a positive approach in their studies to clinch triumph.


Rishi didn’t let his morale down while making a comeback to IPL after six long years and a sports injury on the face. Rishi didn’t let the sports injury recovery dominate his determination to play and perform for his team in IPL. His resolve prompted him to return to the field with a face shield. Aspirants can also imbibe determination for success in their studies.


Nothing can be achieved in life without discipline. Rishi Dhawan continued his disciplined hard work in the field, which eventually delivered him his place in the IPL team. Discipline in studies and maintaining a good body clock can certainly deliver success to the aspirants.