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Kanishh Tayal defied all odds to become a medico

Kanishh has got AIR-7 in NEET- 2017 and is now a second-year student at the Maulana Azad Medical College

Kanishh, a second-year student at Maulana Azad Medical College has been through the real ups and downs of life since the time he was a child. Today, he has moved on in life and is happy with his achievements, but his story of hardships, suffering, and misfortune is a remarkable example of his matured thought process leading to a strong determination that stands tall beyond all life’s odds. Having had the worst of times himself, due to inadequate medical facilities at his place, Kanishh wanted to become a doctor so that he could at least lessen the sufferings of others.


The Heart-Breaking yet Life-Altering Incident

A heart-breaking incident and the worst time of his life is what has made him take up this profession. Those carefree and pampered childhood years spent cherishing the love and warmth of one’s parents, Kanishh had them otherwise.

He says “Since my childhood days, I and my family have faced many problems due to poor medical facilities in my town. We had to travel long distances for better treatment facilities. When I was in 9th standard, I lost my mother due to this and even the cause of her death was not ascertained. Losing her at such an early age was not acceptable for the entire family but the elders in my family supported my father, me and my sister, and other members to accept it and we had to move on. From that day onwards, I decided to do something about this pathetic situation and this is the reason I chose the medical line so that other families in my town do not face such problems”.

It’s a proud feeling for him to be studying in a premier institute of such high repute.

Story of Struggle to Success | Kanishh Tayal secured AIR-7 in NEET 2017 | Legends of ALLEN

Leaving behind Life’s Misfortunes to Lessen the Sufferings of others

Legends of ALLEN Kanishh Tayal


Life has been really tough on Kanishh who seems to have lost both his parents at a young age. But he still kept his calm at life’s atrocities and outshined high among all odds. He made his weaknesses, his biggest strengths and secured AIR-7 in the toughest exam of the country. His family’s blessings have been the only constant in his life and he wishes to dedicate all his efforts and his life’s successes for their well-being.

A resident of Tauru, Haryana, and a big-time cricket aficionado, Kanishh loves reading biographies and belongs to a joint family of 12 members. Unfortunately, having lost both his parents, his mother when he was in 9th standard and father in 1st year of college, Kanishh has been raised and taken care of by his grandparents and uncles and aunts.

He says “I have a lovely and highly supportive family. I have one sister. We have a family business of seeds and fertilizers. I belong to a middle-class family but we all are happy with everything we have”.

The Decisive Times

Becoming a Doctor was a clear goal in his mind and he knew that he had to prepare for competitive exams in order to get through a good medical college. But pertaining to his family conditions financially, he was quite sure that he would have to fight hard for a government college only so as to lessen their monetary burdens. He studied really hard for two years in class 11 and class 12 on his own, and then ALLEN came forward as the best choice as per his seniors and other trustworthy sources. Initially, he faced a little resistance from his family, Kota being far off from his place and staying there alone were their primary concerns. But it was all managed well in the end, since his family had faith in him and his upbringing and they quite well knew that he would definitely make something great out of it all.

Formative Days

He had a rough patch initially at ALLEN, corresponding to the competitive environment and a completely new place to be at. But, with the help of his friends and mentor (ALLEN Papa), Ashok Kumar Sharma Sir, his confidence got boosted and he also started performing great in the minor tests.

He says “ALLEN provides a healthy competitive environment which is the best thing for a student to improve his/her performance. Further, the faculties are very helpful in nature. Facilities provided by ALLEN are more than sufficient and I truly owe my success to ALLEN”.

Constant Motivators

Through his ups and downs, his family and their motivation have been the only constant in life that kept him moving forward. He adds “My true motivation is my family. My grandfather -Mahadev Prasad Tayal, and grandma – Parvati Devi to whom I used to talk whenever I used to feel tired. My uncles, Vijay Kumar Tayal and Sitaram Tayal, and aunts – Manju Tayal and Lalita Tayal. My kids and cousin’s brother -Shashank Tayal who looked after my studies from 9th standard onwards, always supported me when I was depressed, and scolded me when I was not performing well. He is truly an inspiration for me.”.

He also could not spare mention of ALLEN’s contribution in his success. He says “ ALLEN means a lot to me today because it made me realize my dream of getting admission in such a premier institute”. He also informed that besides the motivation and emotional support, ALLEN also supported him financially by giving him cash prizes for his achievements, and up till this day, he is receiving a scholarship from ALLEN which helps him a lot.

Wants to become that Extra-Ordinary Person

Kanishh wants to be a Cardiac-Surgeon in the future for which he will have to pursue M.S. and the M.Ch. later. Also, he wishes to open his own Hospital in his locality along with the support of other doctors so that he may serve the people of his town and fulfill his motive of becoming a doctor.

He adds “Truly speaking my main motto in life is to become a successful and respectable person in life. My teacher Deepak Singh always used to tell us that ‘Only one person is required to do something extraordinary so that the picture of the entire family and future generations gets changed. I want to become that person for my family. My journey in life has taught me now that life is always full of ups and downs. Whenever you get sad, some source of happiness will always be there on your door waiting for you and vice versa. The only thing in life that matters is how to tackle these sad moments, whether you get motivated from them or get depressed. Always remember that it’s your life and you have to make it large”.

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