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JoSAA Counselling 2023 Second Round Seat Allotment On 6th July

Last Chance For First-Round Reporting Till Tuesday, 4th July, 5 pm

The students who were allotted seats in the college in the first round of joint counselling by JoSAA for admission to IITA NITs of the country will have to report online by 5 pm on 4th July, Tuesday. If they do not accept the seat after reporting, their allotted seat will be cancelled and they will be out of JoSAA counselling 2023.

JoSAA counselling 2023 is taking place for more than 57 thousand seats in 116 institutes including IITs, NITs and TripleITs. The second round of seat allotment will be done on 5 pm, 5th July.

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In online reporting, students are being informed through queries if errors are found in the documents uploaded by JoSAA. It is a matter of special attention that after completing all three steps in online reporting for the seat,

The students must download the provisional seat allotment letter after taking the confirmation of their allotted seat and satisfy the confirmation of their allotted seat.

Also, if the students found errors in the uploaded documents, they will have to confirm their allotted seat by giving a response to the query, otherwise their allotted seat will be cancelled and they will be out of JoSAA counselling 2023.

It is mandatory for the students to respond to the query received in online reporting by 5 pm on 5th July.  The seat allotment for the second round will be released on July 6.

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Last Chance to Change Counselling Option

Students who have been allotted seats in the first round and have confirmed their seats by reporting the allotted seat online, all these students have the last chance to change the counselling option selected during their online reporting. They can participate in further counselling by changing float option to slide and freeze and slide option to freeze.

Students can change their counselling option till 5 pm on 4th July in online reporting of first round counselling. However, all the students will have the opportunity to change their previously selected counselling options to participate in the further counselling process in each round for a specified period of time.

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Opening & Closing Rank Released After First-Round Allotment

The opening and closing ranks of IITs, NITs and other institutes were released recently after the JoSAA counselling 2023 first round seat allotment. A girl student who came in 291st rank has got admission in Computer Science branch in IIT Bombay.

According to the opening and closing rank, students with 15819 rank and girl student with 24 thousand 180 rank students, due to 20 percent quota, were allotted the interdisciplinary branch of IIT Dharwad. This branch started only last year. Similarly,

The closing rank from gender neutral pool quota of NIT was allotted at AIR 7 lakh 42762 and AIR 7 lakh 58 thousand 764 from female pool quota allotted mechanical branch of NIT Mizoram from home state quota.

Due to more girl students in the top ranks this year as compared to last year, the open to closing rank of CS branch in IIT Bombay closed at 291 AIR, whereas last year the girl who was ranked 305th in the first round was awarded CS branch in IIT Bombay.

The closing ranks from female pool quota in top 7 IITs this year were Delhi’s 419, Madras’s 479, Kanpur’s 610, Kharagpur’s 702, Roorkee’s 1165, Hyderabad’s 1300 and Guwahati’s 1718 AIR respectively.

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