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JEE Main 2020 (April) Final Strategy | Last Minutes Preparation Tips for JEE aspirants

Here we will explain you how to make the best use for remaining days to maximize your JEE Main 2020 April Attempt Score!

It’s is about time and it is expected that most of you would have completed the syllabus for the upcoming JEE Main examination. And by now most of you would be worried about your revision, but here are a few strategies that can help with you with your revision and make you a top ranker:-

1. Increase your focus

This year JEE MAIN will be more about accuracy rather than speed. To maintain accuracy you need to increase your focus by solving as many questions as possible. While practicing make sure you concentrate and ensure that no other thought passes through your mind. To do so go for Online Mock Test Series of ALLEN.

2. Give a continuous sitting of three hours

Train your brain to study for 3 hours continuously as it will be of great help on the day of the examination. While solving problems at home, you must solve 75 to 90 problems(25 to 30 of each subject) without giving a break to yourself.

3. Work on your strong areas

This is the time when you should focus on your strong topics. Do not spend time on the chapters to which you haven’t given much importance as this is the time to make your strong topics even stronger.

4. Do not worry if some part of the syllabus is left out

Remember that even after skipping 20 percent of your syllabus you would be able to solve 75 to 85 percent of your question paper. Make sure you maintain accuracy. And don’t panic if you haven’t finished off your syllabus as it is easy to score sufficient marks that can land you to an NIT.

5. Solve Previous Year Papers

Solve all the questions that were asked in JEE ADVANCED previous years (single correct and numerical answer type only):-

It has been observed that questions that were asked in JEE ADVANCED in previous years are asked as it is or with a minor change in the JEE Main. So do solve all the problems asked in the previous years. Also, questions asked in JEE ADVANCED (single correct and numerical answer type) which are now no more asked in JEE MAIN are still important and can be asked this year as the examiners would have to prepare 6 sets of papers each for January and April attempt.


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Solve one previous year paper of JEE MAIN daily and properly analyze your mistakes and work on them
Take tests at home daily by solving previous year JEE Main paper make sure you are away from all the distractions. These tips will help you to identify your mistakes and improve accordingly.

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“In the end, have faith in yourself and do your best.
We are sure each one of you will ace the examination with flying colors.”

All the best!


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