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JEE- Main 2020 6th Sept Paper Analysis: On the Last Day, Papers were Average

Paper Analysis – JEE-Main 2020

Brajesh Maheshwari,

Director, ALLEN Career Institute

JEE-Main 2020 exam on Sunday got conducted in two shifts in the computer-based more. As per the feedback received from the students on the ALLEN C-SAT app, Director, Brajesh Maheshwari stated that the paper in both shifts was easy.  

In the first shift, students got confused in some of the Physics questions but apart from this rest of the paper was easy. Whereas, the second shift paper was overall easy.

On Sunday, out of 1623 students, 939 were present. A total of 684 students were absent. In Shiv Jyoti International, morning shift had 269 students present out of 412 students. In the second shift, out of 415 students, 220 were present. Similarly, in Om Kothari, in the first shift out of 396 students, 236 were present while in the second shift, out of 400 students, 234 were present.

On the last day, September 6, 2020, the exam culminated. As per NTA, results of this exam will be declared on September 11, 2020. After this, JEE-Advanced paper will be conducted on September 27.

JEE Main Paper Analysis (First Shift)

As per the feedback received on ALLEN C-SAT app from the students who appeared in the morning shift, the paper was between easy and average, questions related to JEE-Mains oriented topic appeared to be more.  Some questions of the three subjects were related to the basic information of the subject. Some questions took more time due to the lengthy calculation. Physics paper was average wherein Vernier Calliper and Logic Gate Graph related questions were good. Similarly, some questions were even asked from Potential Energy Calculation.

In Math, questions were asked from Integration, Differential Equations, Determinants, Height-distance, Standard deviation. Physical and organic chemistry had more weightage in chemistry, while there were less questions from inorganic. In this, weightage of D block and F block and coordination chemistry was more. In Physical chemistry, questions were from ionic equilibrium, kinetics, gases state and colligative properties. In organic, there were some up to the mark questions from dumas method, aromatic and biomolecules.

JEE Main Paper Analysis (Second Shift)

As per the feedback received by students in the second shift, on the ALLEN C-SAT app, Physics and Math paper were tough while Chemistry was easy. Theoretical questions were easy while the numerical part was tough. Compared to objective questions, numerical section questions were of good level.  Because of this the paper was lengthy. Overall paper could be called up to the mark.


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