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Institutes of Kota Coaching set security standards for classroom coaching

  • Health and safety of students and the trust of parents is the priority for Kota Coaching
  • Classroom Coaching will commence amidst a safe environment

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the lockdown has been imposed in the entire country. Now gradually, the lockdown rules are being relaxed and the condition is moving towards normalcy. In such a situation, the coaching institutes are also hopeful that soon classroom coaching will begin in Kota and for this, the coaching institutes are preparing themselves to commence the classes with all the necessary measures.

Sh Naveen Maheshwari (Director, Allen Career Institute) said, the institutes of Kota Coaching have set some rules, giving priority to the health and safety of the students. The main aim is to maintain the trust of parents by ensuring their children is safe in Kota.

Kota coaching is all set to create an example by setting the guidelines for itself. It is worth mentioning that earlier, during the lockdown Kota has set an example before the entire country by sending 50000 students safely to their home town.

Sh Naveen Maheshwari further added that while preparing the guidelines, the safety and well-being of students have been taken care at every step. In this, all possible measures will be taken to prevent infection, including social distancing, wearing mask and sanitization from the entry to exit of the students’ in the campus. The guidelines given by the state government will also be followed.

Guidelines for Kota Coaching

Entry in the Coaching Campus

  • While entering the coaching campus, the students will be instructed on how to avoid the coronavirus infection
  • For this, the arrangement will be made at the main gate of every campus.
  • Umbrella will be provided to every student, the students will have to use the umbrella. This will help in social distancing.

Inside the coaching campus

  • Every student’s coaching ID card will be checked at the time of entering the campus.
  • Daily the thermal scanning will be done of every student at the campus gate.
  • Students will be admitted from the main gate while maintaining social distancing.
  • Students will be allowed to enter only if he/she is wearing a mask or face shield.
  • According to the set norms of the state government, marking will be done. Students will proceed by following the marking.
  • In every campus, the sanitizer will be available for students at specified places and also they will have to wash their hands.
  • Thermal scanning of students will be done again before entering the class.

Classroom precautions

  • To maintain social distancing, the students will be seated according to half of the classroom capacity.
  • Students will be seated diagonally to keep the distance from one other
  • Wearing of mask or face shield is mandatory inside the campus

Other instructions and precautions for the students

  • Students must bring their water bottle.
  • The break time of classes will be different so that the students are not gathered in the washroom or canteen area.
  • Do’s and Don’ts will be posted on the notice boards of every classroom and floor
  • Social distancing norms will also be ensured on the doubt counters.
  • Special care will be taken while providing the study material.
  • Orientation session regarding the awareness and precautions to be taken to avoid the Coronavirus infection will be given. There will be an Online Orientation session which will be displayed on TV on each floor before the beginning of the class.

Daily precautions

  • Every coaching campus will be sanitized twice a day.
  • Corona Task Force will be set up separately in each campus.
  • Doctors and paramedical staff will be available for the students on every campus.


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