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In conversation with Parth Sharma (AIR-2 AIIMS 2015)

ALLEN Classroom student Parth Sharma’s success in AIIMS 2015 is awe inspiring and jaw dropping that not only illustrates his unfettered talent but also his  infallible dedication to make his dreams come true. Then with his take on things with sheer simplicity that there is a tale waiting to be written on this 17 year old impeccable genius.



What was your inspiration to join medical stream?

After completing my tenth standard I initially wanted to opt for engineering, taking physics, chemistry and biology as subjects in class XII , I was keen to crack the IIT-JEE Advanced, like many other students, I don’t belong to a family of doctors as my Father is an Indian revenue officer posted in Jaipur

However I always felt that we had very less doctors in our country and none in our family hence I decided to join this noble profession and prepare for its entrance examination.

What are your plans from here after selection in the prestigious AIIMS?

Currently I want to focus on studies than branch selection because it’s a long way from here but I want to study oncology and specialize in treating people with cancer.


What are your hobbies?

I hardly could take out time from studies however I love being outdoors and played sports Badminton and Tennis whenever I could, to recharge my energies. I never played videogames nor do I spend time online I like playing outside since childhood and I still do it.

Tell us something about the chALLENges you faced on your way to success?

I use to find biology really difficult. Every subject will have its different set of problems but with continuous practice you develop a skill to nail it and turn the odds to your favor. Whenever I use to feel low I am fortunate to have my friends and family support me and make it through the tough time Also my teachers at classrooms were equally supportive and elevated my confidence.

My friend Mudit Agarwal (AIR 7 in AIIMS) and I use to indulge in elongated discussions of each topic that way we worked on the problems with right approach and solve our doubts in the easiest manner. Mudit always encouraged this practice and we both benefited from it.

What is your message for this year aspirants for AIIMS as well as IIT?

There is only one thing hard work that can take you up!  There are no shortcuts. Stay focused, study hard and don’t get distracted, rest leave it to God.



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