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How To Score Well In Chemistry Class 12 Term-II 2022 Exam

How To Score Well In Chemistry Class 12 Term-II 2022 Exam

Chemistry is an equally important subject which can lead to score high in class 12 Term-II Examinations. Here is Anoop Arora Sir, Senior Faculty, Chemistry, Allen Career Institute sharing guidance on how to score high in Chemistry subject in Class 12 Term-II Examinations.

How to score well in chemistry?

There are several important chapters in chemistry which can ensure high scoring in the class 12 Examination. These chapters are as follows—

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Electro-Chemistry –

  • In electro-chemistry, definition of conductance
  • Specific and molar conductivity
  • Variations of conductivity with concentration
  • Kohlrausch’s law,
  • Nernst equation and its application to chemical cells
  • Relation between Gibbs energy change and emf of a cell

Chemical Kinetics –

  • Define the rate of a reaction (average and instantaneous)
  • Factors affecting rate of reaction:
  • Concentration, temperature catalyst
  • Order and molecularity of a reaction
  • Rate law and specific rate constant
  • Integrated rate equations and half-life (only for zero and first order reactions)
  • Numericals on 1st order kinetics and calculation of the order of the reactions.

Surface chemistry –

  • Adsorption – physisorption, and chemisorption
  • Factors affecting adsorption of gases on solids
  • Lyophilic, lyophobic
  • Multi-molecular and macromolecular colloids
  • Associated colloids (micelles formation)
  • Preparation & properties of colloids
  • Bredig arc method, peptization
  • Dialysis, electro dialysis
  • Tyndall effect
  • Brownian movement
  • Charge on colloid (zeta potential)
  • Electrophoresis
  • Coagulation
  • Application of colloids.

D and f block elements –

  • Trends in properties and reasoning based questions of transition metals
  • Melting point , ionization enthalpy, oxidation states, ionic radii,e0 cell
  • Color, catalytic property, magnetic properties, interstitial compounds, alloy formation, complex formation
  • Lanthanoids-electroni cconfiguration, oxidation states, and lanthanoid contraction and its consequences.

Coordination compounds –

  • Iupac nomenclature
  • Werner’s theory
  • Vbt
  • cft

Organic chemistry –

  • Lupac
  • Reasoning on preparation and properties
  • Inter-conversion / word problem
  • Chemical test
  • Important name reactions are –
    • Rosenmund reduction
    • Stephen reaction
    • Etard reaction reduction
    • Clemmensen
    • Wolff kishner reduction
    • Aldol reaction
    • Kolbe electrolysis
    • Cannizzaro reaction
    • Hvz reaction
    • Hoffmann bromamide
    • Carbylamine reaction
    • Cross aldol condensation
    • Gattermann koch reaction
    • Gabriel pthalimide reaction

CBSE Board Sample Paper Frequently Asked Questions List

Q. 1. What is the latest CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper pattern for the year 2022?
Ans. The CBSE Board Class 12 Science question paper consists of 12 questions divided into 3 sections A, B & C
Section A- Question 1 to 3 (2 mark each) include short answer type questions with internal choice in one question.
Section B- Question 4 to 11 (3 marks each) include derivations, diagram based long answer type questions.
Section C- Question no. 12 (5 marks) include 5 MCQ, along with a numerical and conceptual questions. Paper carries a total of 35 marks.

Q. 2. How many sets of question papers are distributed in examination hall of CBSE?
Ans. CBSE Board prepares 3 sets of questions papers in all the main subjects having equal difficulty level.

Q. 3. How to prepare for long answer questions?
Ans. It is case base questions do not involve in reading the case, attempt the question directly which based on the concept.

Q. 4. Prepare Yourself for CBSE board exams 2022, Do’s
Ans. know your syllabus; follow NCERT textbooks, previous years’ Board sample papers.

Q. 5. What are the Tips to Write Perfect Answers in CBSE Board Exam 2022?
Ans. Please don’t panic 1. Set the Question priority 2. Write detailed answers with underlined keywords. 3. Attempt all the questions 4. Check your answer sheet

Q. 6. Does Poor handwriting affect marking in the CBSE Board Exams?
Ans. No, in the CBSE Board exam there’s nothing like bad or good handwriting. The answers should be written in such a way that it can be read easily by the checker. There is no speed rate prescribed in the examination. It is better to divide time and plan answers while reading the question paper in the beginning.

Q. 7. What is Chemistry CBSE Board Class 12 Marking Scheme & Weightage Distribution?
Ans. Physical chemistry (electro-chemistry, chemical kinetics & surface chemistry) 13 Marks.
Inorganic chemistry (d & f block & co-ordination compounds ) 9 Marks
Organic chemistry (aldehyde, ketone & carboxylic acid & Amine) 13 Marks
Total paper – 35 Marks



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