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How to Choose an Engineering College: Some Important Facts

Why Top IIT-NITs Have Better Placements

Do you know, today there are more than 3 thousand engineering institutes in the country and there are more than 150 private, government, central government universities among them. Every year lakhs of students in the country are pursuing engineering from one or the other engineering institute. Such a large number of students doing engineering after taking maths and science show the increasing trend towards it.

The major reason for this growth in engineering studies is not only the availability of good jobs but also opening up of good career prospects after becoming engineers in various fields. But despite promising engineering education, every year a large number of students face dilemma of choosing the right engineering institute for them.

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How To Choose An Engineering College

Before selecting any engineering institute, it is important to look at its academic placement, fees, faculty, facility, alumni, food, locality, college ranking, technical curriculum and exposure. Today, the best institutes of the country lay great emphasis on all these points for the all-round development of the students,

so that the students can become successful in various sectors of the economy such as engineering and technology, IT software, start-ups, finance, and data analytics, consultancy, research and development, and other services, Students get placed on good packages in Education,

FMCG and PSU. Generally world’s top brands Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and IBM select students from top engineering institutes of the country in packages ranging from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 20 lakhs, Rs 30 lakhs to Rs 35 lakhs, Rs 40 to Rs 50 lakhs and more than Rs 1 Crore. These big companies are interested in these esteemed engineering institutes since there these companies get highly qualified students easily.

Nowadays, in most of the engineering institutes of the country, many competitions are organized to develop and explore the analytical, logical, aptitude of the students, which increases the ability of the students to face any future competition and challenge.

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Why Top IIT-NITs Have Better Placements

Students in the country’s top IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Madras and top NII Tirchi, Warangal, Suratkal, and others are taught according to the latest technical curriculum in a good environment, so that they can meet the needs of companies at the time of placement.

They get good technically skilled students to work. Therefore, students should take special care of all the above mentioned things at the time of college selection.

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Questions & Answers About The Lack Of Employment in The Engineering Sector

Many questions arise in the minds of parents and students today regarding the lack of employment in the engineering sector, that every year such a large number of engineers are graduating in the country, then whether they get employment opportunities or not.

Whereas the reality is that if a student obtains a degree from a mediocre or low-ranked engineering institute, or if the student does not perform well during college or receives back in academics, then he or she may face difficulties during placement.

Apart from this, there is no such big reason why Engineers should not get employment. We have also seen in the Corona period that how students of top engineering institutes invented many types of resources, even in that difficult situation, which proved to be very useful for the common people.

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