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How to Boost Your Mental Skills for JEE & NEET ?

During the Corona Virus lockdown, the students should utilize the time to enhance their skills. While following the social distancing the students must be connected with their friends, family and teachers through WhatsApp or call. At this stage, the students are not physically connected to their teachers or friends. When a person is not physically connected to others, the brain goes into a sleep state.

 Know how to Boost mental skills during lockdown

  • The students can amplify their skills, memory and academic level while studying online. This can be done by following the mantra “Teach Yourself”. This doesn’t only mean to teach oneself. Following this for an hour on alternate days during the lockdown will help you to elevate your academics as compared to the previous year.
  • In this method after doing self-study, the next day a student needs to teach to the virtual or non-existing character. The student should assume that he/she is teaching someone. Also, while teaching you need to build the psychology that you are from class 11th and the virtual character is from Class 8th or 9th. So you need to teach them the topics which you have studied in the past one or two days at their level.
  • Teach them for at least one hour, this will help you to recall the topics. While teaching if you are stuck somewhere, you can pause the activity, refer the notes and continue the activity. Also, teach while preparing the notes. This activity will enhance the understanding level of the brain.
  • Devoting 3 hours per week during lockdown can drastically enhance the mental skills of the students. Minimum 20% overall thinking, analytical and representation enhancement can be seen in many who follow this technique. As JEE and NEET exams are based on speed, accuracy and logical aptitude, this technique builds up overall mental stability over the concepts and application to achieve high scores in finals.
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