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How To Avoid Being Distracted While Studying Online?

How to focus on studies without getting distracted?

This is a question that every student asks irrespective of studying online or offline.

But now the question has become more specific- How to avoid distractions while studying online?

Cause almost every student has shifted to studying online these days. With the changing times amid the pandemic, online education has become the base of competitive exam preparations. There are some of the most common challenges students are currently facing while studying online. This blog will address them, along with specific tips on how to avoid them.

Distractions come part and parcel with life, they are inevitable. And trying to sustain your drive with all these distractions is a tedious task.

A student is somehow a magnet to an array of distractions. The Mobile Phone is stuffed with chatting apps, social apps, live-streaming apps, games, and more. And the mind is filled with fancies, confusions, and ample thoughts.

Let’s categorize the distractions into two parts: 

  • Online Distractions
  • Mental Distractions

Online Distractions:

The Internet can be a very distracting place. The most common scenario is, “whether you’re taking an online class or simply trying to complete your assignments, all efforts of productivity can fly out the window as soon as you check your social media feed or watch a video on YouTube. As one scroll leads to another and one video leads to another.”

And when you roughly estimate the time you frittered away just like that on the internet. You always end up regretting and promising yourself to not repeat it.

Students need to be conscientious about how they’re spending time.

Mental Distractions:

These distractions are regular invaders in your study routine. A thought might pop up in your mind, suddenly or unexpectedly while studying, and then you start deeply thinking about that thought or idea.

Do you know the reason behind it?
Whenever you distract yourself or entertain yourself, your brain releases dopamine, and you feel a wave of positive emotions. This is why you tend to be so inclined to distract yourself from your studies.

Mental Distractions include talking to a friend during your online class, checking your phone again and again, checking your Facebook or WhatsApp every 10 minutes, or indulging in some activity other than studying. You succumb to the temptations of distraction all the time. And you do this intentionally and on your own will.

Now to eliminate all those hours, that you waste online, and while daydreaming. And to win over these online and mental distractions, one needs to psychologically control the brain and body. And this can be easily done, you just need to follow these two effective solutions.

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Proper Table Placement

Both the techniques have helped every student, who has tried it. They will definitely help you too.

Goal Setting:

Goal setting plays a fundamental role in aligning your overall preparations.

Your Goal can be anything!!
Some of you might have a goal of becoming a Doctor or an Engineer or doing something, especially for the country or gaining financial freedom.

Now what to do with your Goal

Write it down on a piece of paper in just two to four words. Here we are talking about a Short Term Goal. For example A place in IIT Bombay or IIT Guwahati Biotechnology Branch or IIT Kharagpur Geophysics Branch or AIIMS College or Top Medical College. The Goal should be practical and short term. This helps you to subconsciously control your brain.

Then photocopy the page (5 to 6 pieces). As you will need identical pages. You can also create identical pages by typing your Goal on your computer and then printing 5 to 6 copies of it. Remember you should not write the goal on different sheets, they ought to be identical- so Photocopying/ Printing is the only way. Also, keep a scanned copy of the Goal in your phone.

Then stick the Goal at 6 different places in your room, so that they are visible to you when you go about your day. This way you will be able to look at your Goal daily and will visualize reaching it.

Looking at your Goal is a mental exercise that demands deep self-reflection and plenty of dedication. It will give you an overall purpose in life and will be a gentle reminder of the hard work that you are supposed to put in to be successful. Once you start noticing the progress and improvement in your studies, you will become even more adamant to succeed. Which will ultimately leave no room for distractions.

Make A Proper Study Table Arrangement: 

The table should be placed against a clean wall and you must not stick anything on that wall, not even your Goal. Cause it will lead you to daydream about it. If you are wanting to stick your Goal near your table, then stick it on the adjacent wall or a little far from the table.

You must also remember to not stick any table or schedule on the wall as it might also distract you. The wall should be very clean. If your study table is placed against a window or is placed in the centre of your room, then change the setting immediately. We strongly suggest that the study table and chair must be placed against a clean wall. If the wall is a little worn out or any wallpaper is attached to the wall, then buy a big plain sheet of paper and cover the wall with it.

These two things will converge your distractions into your goal. And save you from spiraling off in all directions. You should avoid distractions not only for productivity but also for your emotional well-being.

Life is all you make of it. So never give distractions the power to limit your chances to have a successful and wonderful future.

If you can, suggest a new way or technique that works wonders for you in avoiding distractions, in the comment section. To help other students navigate the tricky waters of distractions.

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