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How JEE/NEET aspirants can overcome fear and perform better in periodic tests?

No person is fearless, especially when it comes to appearing for an examination the greatest mind also tends to be nervous. Every student experiences the Examination Anxiety – sweaty hands, cold feet, trembling knees, forgetting important concepts when the question paper is in front of them. And this anxiety is likely to aggravate during the formative phase of their career.

Most of the students lack confidence in their periodic tests and go through a state where they aren’t able to recall the concepts and once they are out of the examination setting they can solve most of the questions with precision which in contrary they were unable to do while they were in the hall.

The following are the reasons for not being able to attempt the paper with precision:-

  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • The feeling of not able to score well  
  • Lack of time to solve the questions

The reason behind the above mentioned is the baggage of fear that manifests itself as

  • Fear of failure.
  • Fear of not being able to fulfil parents’ expectations.
  • Fear of people commenting.
  • Fear of lower rank.

A student must remember that Fear is nothing but a mere mental state. A fearful person unconsciously puts hurdles for himself during his course of achieving the goal whereas on the contrary a fearless person will solely focus on his goal and puts everything aside in order to achieve it. A fearless person will also have to pass the hurdles, but they don’t stop instead they tackle the hurdles with the right frame of mind.

Fearlessness and calmness are keys to get results

The two qualities that all the aspirants need to develop are fearlessness and calmness and they must try to inculcate these qualities in their periodic tests so that they are able to draw the most out of it when the final examination unfolds. Students are advised to keep their minds free during the examination so that they can focus on the question which requires a high level of concentration.


There are two aspects which do wonders for any students. First and foremost, we can overcome any fear by just facing it. For e.g. when we were young most of us feared entering a dark room which was due to the unknown horrors attached to the room, but once we dared to enter the room, we realised there was nothing to be scared off. And just like this, there is nothing like the fear of examination it is just the delusion created by our mind. Secondly, spare time for preparations because it helps in building inner confidence.

So, here we advise students to take mock test regularly along with Past Year Papers to build right exam temperament and confidence. Mock Test Papers are available online at www.onlinetestseries.in for JEE Main , JEE Advanced, NEET, AIIMS, BITSAT, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY .

Guys remember to face your fear with all the courage that you have. And once you are in the examination hall, forget about everything else and just focus on giving your best in those three hours.


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