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Why GATE ?

Live a glorious life at IITs and IISc, or NITs!!! And earn your M.Tech as asset for life!

Today, GATE has opened new avenues for budding professionals. Gives them an opportunity to be a part of reputed institutes which are renowned for their excellence. In crowd of technical institutes, the enriched institutes are proving to be a perfect launch pad for new engineering graduates. A place where the talent could be recognized and nurtured. This opportunity for a masters with IITs IISc or NIT is provided by GATE.

These are the reasons we strongly recommend an engineer to appear for GATE exam –

M.Tech is lucrative: M.Tech/M.S/M.E have been more lucrative in recent decade with the need for new technologies. The survival of any organization depends upon the evolution and upgradation of technology. Which actually need professionals with excellent higher qualification. Which is possible in premier institutes. GATE gives you the opportunity. As best will be paid high!

Passion to profession: Working in one.s core competency is the reason of utmost satisfaction for any professional. Having a career in engineering domain will will not only bring a sense of satisfaction but also a confidence to have a remarkable career with your contribution. Later on in life (when you are, say 30 yrs of age) if you feel the need for an MBA, you can always do that. In fact, your company may sponsor it for you!

R&D breaking the ice: Today the emergence and need of research is changing priority among the professionals. The need of technical hand is a vital issue for a nation which is termed as upcoming super power. The M.E/M.Tech/ M.S will provide an opportunity to the students to build a sound career. The expansion of industries the scope for getting patents and a chance to develop the state of art products for future.

Govt. Jobs! Easy to get: Recent days we have seen a major change where PSUs have made GATE score a minimum requirement for their interviews. This has minimized the pressure for preparing for various formats of exams. Giving a single channel for new professional to have a career in PSU. This step is appreciable.

Makes you eligible for JRF: Being GATE qualified is also an eligibility criteria for the award of Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR Laboratories. M.Tech degree is mandatory for those wishing to apply for research positions in R&D centers.

New Dimension- M.Tech: The market governed by simple principle of demand and supply had made M.Tech a hot cake. This is due to the increasing number of professionals with a degree which is not well recognized in the market when it is compared to the professionals from reputed institutes. With the increased MBAs in last decade M.Tech is proving to be a new horizon for the students without compromising from their core competency.

Nurture the entrepreneur within: M.E/M.Tech/M.S course curriculum can also bring the hidden entrepreneur in you. Gives you options ranging from technical and non-technical initiatives. Leave a mark on the Globe!

Self-transformation: Technical PG course give an cutting edge among the graduates where the specialization in a technical domains makes a professional an asset for any organization. This development is possible by the well structured course with sufficient case studies, researches, working on real time projects and interaction with eminent scientists leads to a transformation in ones personality.

Cost effective courses: Courses offered for M.Tech are cost effectiveness when compared to the PG courses in management to an MBA from an IIM (more than Rs 15 lac fees!) . The norms also makes a student eligible for stipend around Rs.8000/- for the course under M.Tech.

Live your dream to be an IITan: The dream to be in a premier institute could be true by GATE as it gives a chance to study in the premier technical institutes. A chance of gaining the pride to show the IIT tag on your resume to the world (and later on, your spouse!).

Have an edge in Campus Recruitment: GATE builds the confidence in a student which enhances in turn reflects in the GS/PI and the presentations made by the student. Which leads to a better performance in a competitive environment.

Say bye to PET: GATE also opens door for a student to opt for Ph.D. Where one can skip PET (Ph.D. Entrance Test) if he/she has a valid GATE score.

CV is glamorous: The positive impact is seen throughout one.s life. Where GATE proves to be strength for a candidate in any interview. The value of your GATE score remains throughout your life as you can mention it in your resume, though the GATE score is valid only for two years for admission.

Thinking to study abroad: Breaking the ice the opportunity to study abroad is also possible with a valid GATE score. The institutes offering Masters for GATE qualifiers are NUS, (National University of Singapore), Singapore.

Ready to take on GATE examination to realize your dreams? Learn how to prepare for GATE.

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