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Fascination for Science makes Yash a doctor, First Doctor from his Biz family

Yash Mittal had bagged AIR-2 in the AIIMS-UG 2013 Examination and AIR-11 in the NEET-UG 2013. He is presently pursuing PG Entrance Examination.

You can actually realize your dreams if you have the passion to chase them. The infallible fascination for Science prompted Yash Mittal to crack NEET and accomplish his dream of becoming a doctor. One to have always been amazed by science concepts and highly fascinated by the subjects, physics and biology, science could have been the best career option. Coming from a Family of Businessmen, hard work was quite rooted in his DNA so he walked on the path of science. A cult Bike Rider, Occasional Singer, and Traveller Yash has several colors in his life.

The Only Doctor from a Family of Businesses

Coming from the small town of Kaithal, Yash comes from a family of businessmen, but he always wanted to pursue a career in science. Luckily he was able to do so in one of the most prestigious colleges in the country i.e. AIIMS.

He would be the first doctor in his entire family that manages Rice mills in Kaithal.

“The nobility of the medical profession started inspiring me much later, which was an added benefit of the career choice. Besides, I have a very ambitious father, a very encouraging mother, and very supportive siblings”, he said.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

The Initial Years & ALLEN

From the very beginning, Yash knew that the initial years of his journey are going to be the toughest. He had decided much earlier that in order to make a good career, he will have to leave the comfort of his home and be in a highly competitive place like Kota. He landed at ALLEN Career Institute. Yash began his journey with Allen which played a crucial role in his career. “The study material of Allen was really well organized, and the class notes were so neat and crisp. Teachers were very patient with their doubts. I had never had such a comfortable and dedicated environment to study, which helped a lot”.

The teachers at ALLEN were very well informed about every strategy and topic needed to crack the exam. The regular tests kept the students on a tight schedule. The doubt sessions were held daily and easily accessible”.

“All of the teachers told me that there is no substitute for hard work and that it never goes unrewarded”.

Thinking of his good times and the friends that he made at ALLEN, Yash adds “We regularly had sessions with the directors which included music, motivational speeches, and even dances. Even in the classrooms, students would often make the teachers sing. Among the students, I was a regular singer too! I met people from all over the country and made so many good friends for life”.

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Yash recently did research in pediatric emergency which was about the early treatment of septic shock. It got published in JHQ and he got the opportunity to present it in NAPEM 2018, Hyderabad. He actively participated in singing competitions a few times during his college fests too.

Having secured AIR -2 in AIIMS and AIR-11 in NEET 2013 and remembering those times, Yash says “Being from a small town, I never had the means or the knowledge to crack the national exams. So the credit goes to ALLEN for helping students like me achieve their dreams”.

Indebted For Life

His only motto in life is to make his parents proud. He believes that nothing matters more than the debt of our parents which we have to pay.

When asked about his future plans, Yash says “I plan to choose a surgical field and work in a central institute for at least 6-7 years more.

Win through your Originality

Yash says “Believe in the system. Believe in the curriculum. Listen to your teachers and seniors”.

“But also, make your own path and study routine. The original thoughts, ideas, strategies, and plans that you have or make; will differentiate you from the average John Doe population which is preparing for the same exam. Never shy away from a difficult concept or a difficult numerical. The key is to deviate a bit from the predefined path but only within a certain limit”.

Having recently completed an internship and graduated from AIIMS New Delhi, Yash is currently preparing for PG Entrance Examinations in his field.

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