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Even disability couldn’t stop Tuhin to realize his Engineering Dream. Cleared JEE Main 2020

  • Even disability couldn’t stop Tuhin to realize his Engineering Dream
  • Career City Kota gave wings to his Engineering Dream
  • Prepared at ALLEN Career Institute Kota for 3.5 years, now admitted in IT Branch of IIEST Shibpur
  • Both Hands and Legs were paralyzed, Cerebral Palsy suffered Tuhin writes from the mouth, operates mobile and computer

If you have the will to do something, then every obstacle turns into an opportunity. The most prominent living example of this is Cerebral Palsy suffered boy Tuhin Dey. After staying in Kota for three years to prepare for the engineering entrance exam from ALLEN Career Institute, Tuhin will now study Information Technology at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) Shibpur, West Bengal. In JEE Main, Tuhin has secured category rank 438.
In Tuhin’s body, Cerebral Palsy is the Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital disorder in which the muscles become so weak that they can’t even bear the body weight. Tuhin can neither move his hands and nor can stand on his feet. Only the head portion above the neck remains active.

Tuhin, who came to Kota from Midnapur, his native city in West Bengal, to prepare for the engineering entrance exam JEE-Advanced after passing his tenth three years ago, prospered with normal students despite the physical disorders and adversity. Tuhin, who considers eminent physicist Stephen Hawkins as his idol, wants to research astrophysics. Despite getting no support from hands and feet, Tuhin operates mobile and computer from the mouth. He even writes using his mouth. Not only this, he has better knowledge of computer programming as compared to normal students.
Tuhin said that he got everything in Kota that he had thought of; in fact, he got more support than what he had expected. He states, “ALLEN took complete care. My parents were here with me. Right from my commute to the institute, everything was well taken care of by Naveen Maheshwari, sir, to my studies. Counseling took place from time to time. Not only this, but I was also treated with neuropathy. A separate table-chair was arranged for me in the class to facilitate my seating with the normal children; there were helpers to take me to the class and bring back”.

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Tuhin himself searched about Kota and ALLEN

Talking about coming to Kota, Tuhin stated that Kota has some of the best institutes in the country, and every time the results here are good. The teachers here are also the best. Thus, taking self-decision he made the decision of taking admission at ALLEN Kota and told about this decision his parents.

 He was also treated with neuropathy

With ALLEN Career Institute’s assistance, Tuhin was treated as well. He was treated by Mumbai’s renowned Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra at the center in Mumbai, through neuropathy. After this, the team members trained by Dr. Lajpat Rai Mehra gave therapy to Tuhin and even taught the family how to do the treatment. After treatment, while staying in Kota for three years, the treatment was continued by family members. Tuhin also felt a change in the body after this therapy.

ALLEN will give scholarship for further studies

Tuhin is leaving Kota to fulfill his dream. In such a situation, ALLEN will support Tuhin in the journey ahead. The wheelchair provided by ALLEN will be his support so that there is no problem in going to college. Parents also do not have to worry. ALLEN taught Tuhin for three years for free at Kota. Not only this, in view of the struggle and spirit of Tuhin, now ALLEN Career Institute will also give Tuhin a scholarship every month for the next four years for further studies under the scholarship of “Gudadi Ke Laal” a scholarship run by ALLEN for needy students for their further studies.

Won the National Award twice

Born on 11 March 1999, till class 9, Tuhin studied in the Central School at IIT Kharagpur Campus and became an NTSE scholar. He has learned programming in C, C++, Java, HTML language. The West Bengal State Government felicitated him with several awards. Apart from this, he was given the Best Creative Child Award in 2012 and the Exceptional Achievement Award in 2013 by the Ministry of Human Resources. Both awards were given to Tuhin by President Pranab Mukherjee. Tuhin operates mobile through mouth and chats with messages. Not only this, he even runs the laptop through the mouth. Even, Union Human Resource Development Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank also honored Tuhin under the honor of Shiksha – Sangharsh and Shorya in the program organized in 2019 on the occasion of Teachers’ Day at Kota. Apart from this, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje also appreciated the spirit of Tuhin during the Kota tour.

Kota and ALLEN was always There to Support – Sujata

Father Samiran Dey had a small property business; since he has been with Tuhin for the past few years, business is left aside. Mother Sujata Dey is a homemaker. Father Samiran said that there was no compromise made in Tuhin’s treatment. He underwent treatment in Kolkata and Vellore for many years. Currently, calipers change. So far, 20 operations have been done. Plates were inserted to keep the bones straight. Tuhin’s mother Sujata told that she would not forget the life, the family got in Kota. If we would have not got so much here then maybe Tuhin’s dream would have not been fulfilled. Kota had a home-like atmosphere and always got people’s support. For a day or two, anyone could help, but here for the entire three and a half years, we got even more support in comparison to our home. We never felt that we are thousands of kilometers away from our home. ALLEN was there with us at every step. Here the faculty and staff took care of Tuhin. ALLEN arranged a car for Tuhin to go to the institute daily and for examinations, not only this ALLEN also arranged the staff to take care of Tuhin wherever Tuhin used to go. Here at ALLEN, the attention was not only given to studies but for all his needs.

Tuhin’s life is an inspiration for all

Tuhin’s life is an excellent lesson for all of us. His courage inspires. His experience shows that nothing is impossible. ALLEN is always there with Tuhin. To fulfill his dream of Engineering ALLEN will provide a scholarship for his studies for the next four years. We wish that Tuhin gets whatever he wants in life. We salute Tuhin’s spirit and enthusiasm towards his dream. He is a unique example and aspiration for many students.
Naveen Maheshwari, Director, ALLEN Career Institute

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