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Diwali Vacation: A Perfect Blend Of Studying And Fun

Well, that time of the year is here again where every house in your colony is lit, the children are out on the streets to burst an infinite number of crackers, our mothers are in the kitchen preparing all sorts of delicacies. Be it a student, a working professional or an aged person, everyone eagerly waits for the season of lights. And when this excitement is replaced with the worry of finishing the course it could be very upsetting. Right?

But who says you can’t study and have fun at the same time. Remember, it’s all about managing the time in an effective and a concrete way.

Diwali vacations are meant for giving students a break from their hectic study schedules. Students must enjoy and maintain a festive mood but at the same time, JEE and NEET aspirants should understand that this mid-term break provides them with an opportunity to revise the already covered portion. So here we are with a strategy that was followed by the previous years’ toppers during their vacations.

  • 6 Hours Of Self-Study: During this time students are advised to devote 6 hours daily for studying. It is advisable to divide your study time into two slots and make sure that the longer duration is kept for the early morning hours as it is the best time for studying. Morning is the time where one’s mind and body is at its peak of freshness and productivity thus helping you to grasp faster and for a longer period. As the day passes, one starts to get exhausted, bored and begins to lose interest.

The second time slot can be allocated at any time of the day where one feels free. A student can also divide his time into two slots of 3 hours each. The key point that should be kept in mind is that the time that is devoted to studying should have a qualitative result and not quantitative.

  • It’s About Quality And Not Quantity: Remember, completing the whole syllabus must not be your sole motto. Give two hours for revising any one chapter thoroughly. At the same time, a student should also prepare short notes for the same chapter. By doing this on a daily basis, a student will be able to revise and prepare short notes of 14 chapters in 7days and by the end of the vacation; a student will definitely end up adding a feather in one’s cap.


  • Prepare Short Notes: Remember one thing, if you are a student or a working professional note-taking is very helpful as it is very effective in recalling and retaining information. Preparing short notes of one chapter should be done within 45 to 55 minutes. Short notes play a key role during the final revision of topics (say 10 days before the exam).

How To Prepare Short Notes: Take an A4 size sheet and write all the important concepts, formulae and properties of a chapter. Also write one or two problems related to the concept, formulae or property that is good enough to make you understand and re-calling the concept during the final revision.


  • Sleeping Is The Key: Someone very rightly said: “A Tired Mind Is A Slow Mind”. Make sure to take proper sleep of at least 7 hours daily. It is important to feel fresh after vacations so that the coming innings can be faced with full enthusiasm and you don’t feel drained.

But by the end of it remember it’s all about carrying an album full of memories. So eat your favorite mithai, put on your favourite clothes and celebrate this festival with your dear and near ones. And be back to accomplish your dream which now will be accompanied with a truck full of happy moments that you can cherish for a lifetime.

So here’s wishing you a very happy and a prosperous Diwali!!!

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