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Concept | Calculation | Confidence in Organic Chemistry is the key to Triumph, Know all the Secret Success Tricks

Organic Chemistry is Equal to Easy Success

Yes, you read it right. Your systematic preparation for Organic Chemistry in JEE Main can help you score good marks, gain high confidence, and save time in your exam.

Technically, Organic Chemistry is the 1/9th weightage of the syllabus. Still, a great score in it can be achieved by devoting only 10 minutes to solving the questions rather than 20 minutes on the D-day; yes, that leaves you with an extra saved 10 minutes for the rest of your paper.Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Time Saved is Time Earned. Not to forget, the boosted confidence after solving these questions acts as an extra mileage fuel for the rest of your paper to be attempted.

The cherry on the cake is the marks you will achieve after investing only 10 minutes, but here is the catch: to make the most of those 10 minutes, you need to prepare for OC systematically and strategically.

Chemistry in everyday life, Common Names of Organic Compounds, Separation Techniques, Practical Organic Chemistry & Polymers are the topics which can be won with the memory, so you must look at these topics regularly until they become a recall action in your brains.

Conceptual Organic Chemistry topics Inductive Effect, Mesomeric Effect, Hyperconjugation, Acid-Base, Electrophile, Nucleophile should be very strong so that the remaining part of Organic Chemistry, which is Applicative Organic Chemistry, won’t require much effort. Also, if the conceptual part is clear and sound, then the reaction part won’t be any more than simple calculations. Still, leave no stone unturned, and try the reaction questions from the past years’ papers in a consistent fashion.

Aromatic Compounds & Carbonyl Compounds still remain the catchment for a good number of questions, so we must practice them thoroughly too.

It’s easy and rewarding only if you stick to it :

  • Regular Frequency Revisions
  • Solving past years’ papers
  • A quick review of your study notes
  • Doubt solving with your teachers
  • Analyzing your strong and weak points
  • Being strong in preparation and high in confidence
  • Go-getter approach

Take a deep breath and visualize yourself scoring 100% of the 1/9 weightage in 1/18, the required time.

Keep studying, keep scoring!

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