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CBSE Asks Schools to Adopt New Credit System From Coming Session

The Objective Behind The New Credit System Is To Maintain Balance Between Vocational & General Education

CBSE Asks Schools to Adopt New Credit System From Coming Session

CBSE has communicated to the CBSE schools in the country for imbibing the new credit system, particularly for class 9 to 12, from the coming academic session 2024-25. CBSE aims to introduce this credit system under the National Curriculum Framework (NCrF) introduced by the UGC in 2022.


The objective behind the new credit system is to establish parity between vocational and general education, facilitating smoother transitions between the two.

CBSE has written to all the heads of CBSE-affiliated schools on the issue of this new credit system. Responses and feedback was also sought from the schools by December 5, 2023 last year. CBSE is proposing significant modifications to the academic structure for classes 9 through 12, aligning with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

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Highlights Of The Proposed Credit System Of CBSE:

Fostering Well-rounded Growth: The credit system will seamlessly incorporate extracurricular pursuits such as sports, arts, and community involvement, nurturing holistic development among students.

Empowerment through Choice: Students will wield the autonomy to curate their academic journey by selecting courses and crafting personalized study timetables. This flexibility extends to the option of pursuing additional subjects or revisiting favored ones.

Assessment Methodology: Grading will adhere to a scale ranging from A1 to E, contingent upon students’ relative performance within their respective classes. Students in the top one-eighth percentile will attain an A1 grade, with subsequent rankings following suit.

Learning Dynamics: Learning hours will encompass both conventional classroom instruction and extracurricular activities, fostering a comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond traditional boundaries.

Credit Distribution: The allocation of credits to subjects will be based on the necessary study time, constituting a complete academic year with 40 credits or 1200 notional study hours.

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