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CBSE Class 12 Term-II to start re-evaluation process from 26th July

After the declaration of the results, the CBSE has now issued notice for the re-evaluation of the answer books, verification of marks, and obtaining (scanned) photocopy of the Evaluated answer books of Class 12 Term II. The process for the re-evaluation of Class 12 Term-2 will commence from 26th July.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)
Modalities and Schedule for Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII), Term-II, 2021-2022 for the processes of:

  1. Verification of Marks.
  2. Obtaining (Scanned)Photocopy of the Evaluated Answer Book(s)
  3. Re-evaluation of Answer(s)

The detailed modalities for applying for Verification of Marks, Obtaining Photocopy of the Evaluated Answer Book(s), and Re-evaluation of the answers for the candidates who have appeared for the Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) Term-II, 2021-2022 are as follows:

  1. Requests for all the processes will be accepted only Online and during the specified schedules along-with processing charges. No application after the scheduled date and time and in offline mode will be accepted.
  2. The processing charges can only be deposited online (Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking). Processing charges shall not be accepted through Postal Order/DD/Money order/cheque/Cash etc.
  3. Incomplete/offline applications will be summarily rejected without any correspondence with the candidate.
  4. Only a single application for each step per candidate will be accepted in the online process. The candidate must decide in advance whether he/she has to apply for one subject or multiple subjects.
  5. Board will not be responsible for any consequences due to revision of mark(s) or delay in the process, for reasons beyond control.
  6. Decrease even by one mark shall be affected.
  7. In cases where there is a change in marks (both increase or decrease), such candidates shall have to surrender the Marksheet cum Certificate which is in their possession Thereafter, they shall be issued a new Marksheet cum Certificate.
  8. Processing charges are non-refundable.
    1. a) Schedule is given in Annexure-I. Processing charges are Rs.500/- per subject.
      b) The outcome of the verification of marks will be communicated in the same login account of the candidate from where she/he has applied for verification in the following manner:
      (i) The outcome of the verification of marks will be uploaded to the login account of the candidate on the CBSE website. No individual communication will be sent in this regard.
      (ii) In case of a change in marks, the first communication that marks have been changed (increase/decrease in marks) will be provided/hosted.
      (iii) Thereafter, once the result is re-calculated, the actual increase or actual decrease of marks will also be provided/hosted
      (iii) The applicants are advised to visit CBSE’s website for the status of the Verification request.
      c) Only those candidates who will apply for verification of marks online will be eligible to apply for obtaining photocopy of answer book(s) in those subject(s).
    1. a) Only those candidates who have applied for Verification of Marks Online in a manner as prescribed above will be eligible to apply for obtaining a photocopy of the evaluated answer book(s).
      b) Processing charges will be Rs. 700/- per subject for Class-XII. The schedule is given in Annexure-I.
      c) Application submitted on behalf of the candidate and also the incomplete application will be summarily rejected and fees deposited shall be forfeited without any further reference.
      d) Applicants will be provided a scanned copy of the Answer Book in their login account after blocking all information relating to the identity of the Examiner/Evaluator/ any other official associated with the examination process etc.
      e) If the candidate desires to challenge the marks awarded to any question, then he will have to apply online (as per the schedule) for re-evaluation of marks.
    1. (a) Only those candidates who have applied for obtaining a photocopy of the evaluated answer book shall be eligible to apply for re-evaluation or challenge the marks awarded to any question(s).
      (b) Request for re-evaluation/challenges shall be accepted only for the theory portion @ Rs.100/- per question.
      (c) The applicant will have to refer to the marking scheme in the subject concerned which would be available on the website along-with the question paper. Thereafter, candidates can submit an application for revaluation in the required question(s) with reasoning.
      (d) Status of revaluation shall be uploaded on the website followed by a formal communication from the Regional Office.
      (e) Decrease even by one mark shall be affected.
      (f} Result of the re-evaluation will be final and no appeal or review against the re-evaluation would be entertained.

In the case of all the above three activities, i.e. I, II, and III, the decision of the Board on the marks awarded shall be final and binding on the candidates.

S. No. Activity Duration Fee
1 Applying online 26/07/2022 (Tuesday) To 28/07/2022 (Thursday) upto Midnight 11:59:59 Rs.500/- Per subject
2 Applying online 08/08/2022 (Monday) To 09/08/2022 (Tuesday) upto Midnight 11:59:59 Rs.700/- per answer book
3 Applying online 13/08/2022 (Saturday) To 14/08/2022 (Sunday) upto Midnight 11:59:59 Rs.100/- Per question

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