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CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry New Syllabus 2022-23

CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry New Syllabus 2022-23

Now when the CBSE has released the much awaited syllabus with changes for 2022-23 session, it becomes mandatory for the concerned students to focus on the minute details of this changed syllabus in order to score well in the exam. Hence; the best way to do this is to entirely focus on the NCERT text-book and point out those topics which are not there in the syllabus as per the text-book. In this way, it becomes relatively easier to prepare for the upcoming examination and easily remember the updated syllabus in complete detail.

Allotted Weightage: Extremely Important

Also; the allotted weightage is extremely essential in order to plan the method of preparing for exams. For instance, organic chemistry carries the maximum weightage (33 marks) among all units and is crucial to the overall preparation. So are the other units as well but a priority must definitely be set, according to different weightages, in order to maximize the efforts.

The major change being that this year’s paper will be conducted only once instead of previously being conducted twice for Term-1 and Term-2.

Allen Admission

Further, details of different units along with the corresponding marks are as discussed below:

1 Physical Chemistry 23
2 Inorganic Chemistry 14
3 Organic Chemistry 33
Total 70 Marks
Internal Assessment 30 Marks


Chapter-wise Marks Distribution

1 Solution 7
2 Electro-chemistry 9
3 Chemical kinetics 7
4 D & f- block 7
5 Co- ordination compounds 7
6 Halo alkane & halo Arenes 6
7 Alcohol, phenol & ether 6
8 Aldehyde, ketone & carboxylic acid 8
9 Amine 6
10 Biomolecule 7
Total 70 Marks

Deleted Portion

There are some deleted portions also in the changed syllabus. These deleted portions are as follows-

  1. Out of 16 chapters of NCERT, 10 chapters are there.
  2. In Physical Chemistry 2 chapters have been deleted. (Solid state & Surface Chemistry )
  3. In Inorganic Chemistry 2 chapters have been deleted. (Metallurgy & p-Block)
  4. In Organic Chemistry, 2 chapters have been deleted. (Polymer & Chemistry in Everyday Life)