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Boost Your JEE Main 2022 Rank with Allen’s Mock Test

Boost Your Rank with Allen’s Mock Test

Here’s big news for the JEE Main 2022 aspirants. It is the time to boost your rank and break the barriers. JEE Main 2022 is just a few days away, so you can test your examination preparedness with Allen’s JEE Main 2022 Mock Test.

There are several benefits of taking Allen’s Mock test, which has been prepared by the experienced team and senior faculty of Allen. JEE Main 2022 aspirants can download the Mock Test from Allen’s website. Allen’s senior Faculty, Kapil Wadhwa, and Senior Faculty Vikas Tiwari have shared information about Allen’s JEE Main 2022 mock tests.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Here are some salient features of the Allen JEE Main 2022 Mock Test

  • Mock Test papers of each of the three subjects. Mock test papers are based on NTA JEE Main 2022 pattern.
  • Mock Test papers are available for both Hindi and English aspirants.
  • There is an Answer Key with the Mock Test paper. All three mock test papers have three answer keys.
  • Hints and Solutions have also been given for boosting your Mock test scores.

Visit the video link for a free download JEE Main Mock Test Paper.

How to Attempt Paper?

The aspirant will have to choose one mock test of a subject at a time for attempting it. Aspirants should attempt the mock tests in the morning or evening to get acclimatized to the examination shifts and set their body’s biological clock with the examination shifts.

–Revise formulas and important information before attempting the Mock Test paper.
–Also, follow the same order of subject and time in each mock test that you have been following in the JEE preparation so far. It is not recommended to disturb the sequence of the subject and time in the mock test, which aspirants will take just before the JEE Main 2022 exam.

  • Section 1 and Section 2 – While section 1 comprises the mandatory questions that every aspirant will have to attempt, section 2 comprises 10 questions, of which aspirants will have to attempt 5 questions. Attempt only those 5 questions of Section 2 in which you have command.
  • Attempt paper in 2-3 rounds – Attempt the paper in 2-3 rounds, which means that attempt those questions first in which you are comfortable and then attempt tough questions later. Repeat this pattern of attempting questions in the mock test in 2-to-3 rounds.
  • Read options carefully in multiple choice questions – some aspirants guess the answer after having a glance at the options of the answer, so aspirants should carefully read the options before giving the correct answer. Many times aspirants tick the incorrect answer in haste.
  • Switch between subjects and sections – Aspirants can switch subjects or sections while attempting the paper, to avoid wasting time on the tough questions.
  • Don’t panic during the exam – Sometimes aspirants get panicked after failing to find answers to the questions. Aspirants should not panic and instead, take a brief break for drinking water or take a deep breath before returning to attempt and crack the examination.

Visit the video link for a free download JEE Main Mock Test Paper.

How to analyze mistakes for improvement?

After taking the mock test, analyze your paper to identify the mistakes for improvement in the JEE Main 2022 examination. Analyze the reason which prompted you to leave the question or give the wrong answer.

(A) Which questions did you leave and why?
There can be multiple reasons for leaving the questions. Here are some of the probabilities behind leaving the question–
1. Concept-related issue—identify whether you left the question due to the concept-related issue or other reason.
2. Time Management—analyze whether time management was the reason behind leaving the question in the mock test.

(B) In which you were wrong?
Also, there can be causes behind giving wrong answers to the questions in the mock test. There can be some reasons behind it which are as follows-
1. Concept Problem—aspirant must have given the wrong answer due to a lack of clarity on the concept.
2. Time Management—aspirant could have failed to provide the correct answer to the question due to a lack of sufficient time for attempting the question in the mock test paper.
3. Calculation—sometimes, the wrong calculation of the aspirants can lead to wrong answers in the test paper, so aspirants should remain cautious while doing the calculation.

(C) Which areas of 3 subjects did you score low?
Also, analyze which areas of the three subjects you have scored low. Identifying the low-scoring areas will provide scope for improvement in the JEE Main 2022 examination.

Visit the video link for a free download JEE Main Mock Test Paper.

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