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Board structure and administrative framework of JEE Apex Board (JAB) are reconstructed for smooth conduct of JEE Main & JEE Advanced exams: Check the complete information here

Reconstitution of Board structure and administrative framework of JEE Apex Board (JAB) for Joint Entrance Examination for admission to under graduate engineering programmes in IITs, NITs and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTIs) etc.  

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    1. Reference is invited to this Ministry’s Notification of even number dated 29.03.2022 vide which the tenure of the then JEE Apex Board (JAB) was extended tn 31.03.2022.
    2.  For smooth conduct of both JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) Entrance Examinations for the years 2022 & 2023, it has been decided to re-constitute the JEE apex Board (JAB) with the following composition:-
S. No. Name/ Designation Position
1 Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthi, former Director, IIT Madras Honorary Chairperson
2 Director IIT Kharagpur Member
3 Director IIT Bombay Member
4 Director IIT Guwahati Member
5 NIT Jaipur Member
6 Director NIT Rourkela Member
7 Director IIIT Bengaluru Member
8 Director IIIT (PPP) Nagpur Member
9 Director IIITDM Kurnool Member
10 Representative of State Govt. of Karnataka Member
11 Representative of State Govt. of Gujarat Member
12 Representative of State Govt. of Bihar Member
13 Representative of State Govt. of Haryana Member
14 Representative of Deemed University (SRM Institute of Science & Technology) Member
15 Chairman CBSE Member
16 Director-General, NIC Member
17 Director General, C-DAC Member
18 Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary (TE), MoE Member
19 Director-General, NTA Member Secretary
  1. Terms of Reference
    1. The JAB would have a permanent secretariat which would be provided by National Tgsling Agency (NTA). JAB would be assisted by the JEE Interface group comprising of five members drawn from NTA, IITs, and a senior representative of Indian statistical Institutes (ISI) nominated by the Joint Apex Board.
    2. The JAB will be the final authority for setting up the policies, rules and regulations for the conduct of JEE (Main). It will also coordrnite with JEE (Advanced) Group and its chairman. The secretariat will be responsible for serving the Apex board as well as other Groups created by JAB for the purpose. It will also be responsible for Administration, Finance, Court Cases, RTI, etc.
    3. NTA will provide the administrative and logistic support for the conduct of JEE (Main) across the country. The permanent secretariat of JAB, housed in the NTA, will use the existing infrastructure, surplus of financial resources accumulated since the creation of first JAB and the manpower being contributed by the present JEE (Main) unit’ with a small number of posts created as per cabinet/ CEE approval, if required, including that of the Executive Director, based on actual requirement.
    4. The JAB of the IIT system (JAB-IIT) shall continue to assume responsibility for the conduct of the JEE (Advanced). “
    5. The NIC / C-DAC will help in all information technology related (software) support and back-end activities for pre and post-examination work, including online submission of application forms.
  2. The transparency processes established by the IIT system in JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced) shall be adopted.
  3. This issues with the approval of Hon’ble Education Minister.