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Becoming a Topper: Combination of Self-Study and Self-Coaching


Mentoring/Coaching has always played a significant role in our country; if we take a dip back and look into our own country’s history we can find the very importance of it with our ancestors accepting the Gurukul system of learning. This system was based on the association between a mentor (guru) and a mentee (shishya), who lived together to share knowledge. Today, even in the modern era, reflecting in the lives of a few eminent personalities we find that most of them were just outstanding in their contributions on a global scale which was a clear reflection of their mentor’s work. For instance, Bill Gates was mentored Dr Ed Roberts, Steve Jobs had Robert Friedland and even the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi had found his mentor in Gopal Krishna Gokhle.

Every year lakhs of students appear for JEE and NEET examination and these students are always working to outperform themselves and trying to prove their worth in every chance they get. And sometimes in life, we all need a good coach who can help us in tackling our problems and achieving our goals, as they

  • Possess and Provide knowledge of a domain
  • Guide us about the Do’s & Don’ts
  • Analyse our work 

Hence in order to seek an appropriate coach who can help them in their constant battle of trying to prove themselves at every chance they get in life, the students try their best to get into a leading coaching institute. But considering the student and teacher ratio, the students at times may find not getting enough attention from his teacher and thus in times like these it is best said that you are your best coach.

Self-studying, when accompanied by Self-coaching, can help you attain the success that you thought were off-radar.

After a careful study and observation, self-coaching can be devised on the following:- 


Always make a note of the guidance that you get from people, be it your mother, father, teacher and friend. Every time you like some guidance that someone gives you and you wish to implement it in life make sure you write it down. Because when it’s pen-down it can act as a constant reminder and we can make use of it from time to time.


Identity what are the dos and don’ts of your life. It is very important to know what is right and wrong. Make sure you accurately manage your time because time is a limited resource and once the time that is gone is gone. So prioritize your work based on its importance and concentrate on it. Always have your priorities on point and each and everything that you do must have a deadline and should be attached to getting you closer to your objective/goal.


No human being is immune to making mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, but one must make sure that he/she learns from their mistakes. So as a student if you make a mistake while studying, or give a paper make sure you learn from it and correct it. Always take out some time to assess your mistakes, make the best out of it.

Self-coaching is not easy. It requires a tremendous amount of energy, dedication and most importantly patience, so one must keep the motivation and momentum going. If followed with dedication, self-coaching can definitely take you on to new heights. And in the end remember no one knows you better than you know yourself, so ultimately you are your best coach and rescuer.

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