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ALLENtab: The Best Revision Tool for Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering & Class 6th to 10th Students

ALLENtab is basically a Testing and Analyzing e-Book, which is the best revision tool for Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering & Class 6th to 10th Students and will increase the probability of selection of a Medical /Engineering/ IIT aspirant by manifolds.

About ALLENtab

ALLENtab is there to add to the performance of the students. It is a Testing & Analyzing e-Book. Students no need to shuffle between heavy books to revise. Just digitized and voice notes on tab will help him revise on the go. It is a great portable Handbook.

ALLENtab is loaded with e-manuals for operating it. The student who is not a computer savvy can easily learn to operate this tab.

After completion of course you will get access to all features of ALLENtab and can be used by anyone for ALLEN e-DLP, Engineering/ Medical colleges, Higher Education and Business/Profession/Domestic use.

What makes it best Revision Tool?

It is specifically designed to make students revision better, contributing to improvise their efficiency & accuracy & ultimately their confidence of attempting online examinations.

ALLENtab features

ALLENtab facilitates the students practice and revises more and accomplishes things like Better Time Management, Pressure Handling, SWOT Analysis, etc. The student can plan his study in a more organized manner. It is a tab customized to improve students’ results and ranks. Also, learning and revising on the tab is more fascinating.

This tab ensures enhanced efficiency and improved results through a systematically planned and organized study, extensive tests, reports and revisions. This motivates a student enough to procure ALLENtab, which is an innovative educational tool for smarter learning.


  • 7″ IPS Super Bright Screen for incredible clarity.
  • 10 hours of battery life for uninterrupted working.
  • ALLEN OS upgradable to Android OS.
  • Sonic speed Quad Core CPU.
  • 1 GB RAM; 8 GB Internal Memory, up to 32 GB Expandable External Memory.
  • Ultra Clear HD Front & Rear Camera.
  • Broadband connectivity facilitates stable network and heavy downloads.
  • Innovative docking solution is enabled via Bluetooth. Quicker sharing can be done.
  • Wireless detachable Bluetooth Keyboard and Wi-Fi Dongle for better 3G Connectivity.

Amazing features make it special for aspirants of competitive exams

  • Comprehensive study material is designed by world class ALLEN faculties.
  • A student can avail the advantage of e-learning all the way through a string of interactive tools viz. Smarter Learning, Regular Tests, Analytical Reports, SWOT Analysis, Infinite Revision, Pressure Handling etc. and an effective feedback system.
  • Students can conduct extensive tests and assessments for thorough practice and revision.
  • Organize his study via effective time management and planning.
  • With the availability of necessary hints & and solution doubts can be cleared on the spot, thereby time, energy and money are saved.
  • Student can create his own glossary & wiki.
  • Being light weight, ultra slim & extremely compact, it allows students to learn and revise on the go.
  • Digitized notes/ Voice notes in huge inbuilt storage reduce the size of a bookshelf.
  • Students can go docking with Detachable Wireless Keyboard.
  • It keeps informed about the upcoming examination dates & other notifications.
  • Misuse i.e. access to websites, images, videos are denied during e-DLP but will be allowed later. Also, ALLENtab opens door for more competitive exams
  • Last, but not the least the students’ graph of result increase and a dream comes true.

ALLENtab provides a healthy medium to come into touch with a growing technology

In view of growing scenario of E- learning and widening scope of online exams (Several National & State level exams including JEE (Main), BITSAT are already held online), ALLENtab has now become an inevitable option.

It comes with an interactive dockable solution, i.e. Wireless Detachable Keyboard. You need not to type on the screen itself, rather use keyboard for easier input.

**Enroll now for ALLENtab & start revision anytime anywhere. For more inquiry visit: tab.allen.ac.in or call us at +91-744-516-2200.

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