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Accomplished mother’s dream of becoming a doctor to serve the people of hometown

Srikant Mohta bagged AIR-8 in the AIPMT 2009 and is presently pursuing DM (Gastroenterology) from AIIMS, Delhi

His parents’ dream combined with his silent wish of serving the people of his own hometown proved to be an inspiration for Srikant Mohta, who is currently pursuing DM in Gastroenterology from AIIMS. He took off for this arduous expedition, a few years back just to live for his mother’s dream of him becoming a Doctor. It took him this far and already made him a pro in his field for having studied in the best institute of the country. But, he wishes to employ his expertise in treating his own people and thus plans to move back to his hometown in Kolkata.

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Living his Mother’s Dream

Belonging to a small family from Kolkata, where his mother is a teacher and his father runs a small business there, Srikant informed that nobody in his family was a doctor. Also, initially, there were no plans for him to be in the field. He was the first one to take up this noble profession too because his mother dreamt of it. His real inspiration for becoming a Doctor came from his parents. He says that his parents and the humble feeling of helping others inspired him to go into the medical field. “Being successful undoubtedly makes one feel on top of the world but what’s more satisfying is the fact that your life and your success are able to inspire and influence others to be like you”, he said. He adds” One of my sisters in the family got inspired by me to go for the medical field. This is merely a more satisfying experience”.

He is currently pursuing DM from AIIMS, Delhi with Gastroenterology as his super-specialty. He got married just a year back and his wife is also from AIIMS in the field of anesthesia. He likes to unwind from a hectic day at work by singing or playing badminton.

ALLEN guided the way to Success

The thought of joining ALLEN came to him because there was no environment of competitive exam preparation in his school or any specific coaching or guidance for the same. Then, one of his relatives came to Kota to prepare for engineering entrance exams and he was informed about the unique environment for students there. Srikant says “Also, ALLEN was the only name in Medical at that time, so I joined ALLEN without a second thought. I never gave any competitive exam and so had no idea on how to prepare for one. But ALLEN guided me from scratch on how to prepare and score through them. It was immaculate, how each and every person at ALLEN was focused on a single purpose and they were always available for students both mentally and socially.

Srikant wants to move to his hometown Kolkata to treat his own people there and plans to do a fellowship but would stay in India only.

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